Tuesday, November 28, 2006


10. Greetings at the door from happy pets!

9. Our own car that drives on the correct side of the road with the steering wheel on the left (not a rental that drives on the wrong side of the road with the steering wheel on the right).

8. Canada Post delivered my prize from the Knit2BTied contest – thanks, Aprilynne! I love the sock yarn! Photos to come.

7. I recognise all of the groceries in my cupboards.

6. My own washer and dryer!

5. My own bathroom!

4. Flannel sheets.

3. Regular Internet access. Yeah, Elizabeth! You’ve started your own blog! I’m so sorry I hadn’t noticed before. Call it ‘homeworkitis’ defined as the inability to see outside ones own reality of desperation long enough to celebrate the successes of anyone else. Check out Elizabeth’s blog at The Transplanted Knitter.

2. Reunion with my knitting stash. Not that I’ve knit in forever. I think I’m experiencing knitting burn out! I have even re-started a cross stitch that I probably began 10 years ago in hopes that, this year, it will be ready for Christmas. Rather than knit. Go figure. And finally, the top reason why it's so nice to be home...

1. I’m in my own house and Christmas is coming. I’m currently cleaning in anticipation of putting out my first Christmas decorations (I’m a bit of an addict) this week. Well, that’s one motivation. The other is that a family member not usually living in this house may stop by later and we trashed the house when we came home despite that fact that our house sitters did a marvellous job keeping the place ship shape while we were away.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


10. Fitting 3 weeks worth of school work into two weeks was a bit harrowing (meaning: hellish). I could barely concentrate on eating let alone compile creative thoughts for a blog! It’s a weight loss plan I wouldn’t recommend for the faint of heart.

9. See number 10 for already discussed school cramming. It also created a desperate allergy to a computer, which lasted for weeks. I finished school on Thursday, November 7th and left for Australia the morning of the 8th.

8. Internet connection rates at the hotels we stayed at in Australia were ASTROMICALLY expensive. Even my mother had to wait a whole week before hearing whether or not we had arrived in Australia (she and Dad are galivanting around the UK so don’t feel too sorry for her).

7. School cramming created huge burn out. Therefore, no creative thought for two weeks of holidays in Oz. That means: no knitting either.

6. Was sleeping off jet lag for many days.

5. Am now jet lagged again from the return trip so coherent thought is still a novelty and only occurs in fleeting spurts and starts.

4. I was punishing myself. On my last night here before leaving for Australia, I walked into my LYS close to closing time only to realize that The Harlot was there. I had no idea. I hadn’t heard anything. The fact that my head had not been above the dining room table and homework for weeks is no excuse! I was so ashamed. I missed her entire talk. I HAD YET TO PACK TO LEAVE IN 8 HOURS FOR 30 ODD HOURS OF TRAVEL. I bought the yarn I went there for and, with head down, slunk away. I didn’t even say ‘hello’ to The Harlot. It still hurts when I think of it.

3. I still haven’t unpacked. We got back Friday night. However, we did drive down to Kingston last night for an overnight to pick up our doggie and only just arrived back.

2. I have been involved in some major soul searching over the past several weeks and, when I’m like that, I find it hard to concentrate on anything else. Therefore, the blog and all other electronic correspondence (emails, telephone calls) have suffered.

1. One of my major soul searching decisions has resulted in me taking a year off school. It’s for a really, really good reason. One that I will share with you in a couple of weeks, if all goes well.

Miss me?