Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catch Up

As I did not post at all during the holidays, I thought I would catch up with a few overdue pictures from our holiday at home. Enjoy!

We celebrated Christmas on Boxing Day this year. My FIL and SIL got stuck in Ottawa for several days due to their airplane breaking down en route and thus missing the good weather window to get into Halifax. Unfortunately, the ripple effect of cancelled flights, bad weather and Christmas travel resulted in their not being able to get here until late evening, Christmas Day. Luckily, Iain was too young to notice that Santa found his stocking an evening late (what a smart Santa!).

Here are Iain and DH opening Iain's 'big' present of the year:

The big box contents being enjoyed (he loves it!).

I can’t remember what this meal was exactly but I suspect pasta and tomato sauce were involved. It is so nice when he enjoys a nice, big meal!

You might want to turn your volume DOWN before watching this one. Para thought making snow angels was very exciting and, when Border Collies get very excited, they get very chatty!

Checkers has not been on this blog for ages and ages. Yes, this is our crazy cat enjoying the bathtub. I suspect it's her haunt for fresh water. She would be a good candidate for those 'running water' bowls for pets, I think.

Iain is, perhaps, a little too athletic for his mother’s taste sometimes.

Hmm. What to post about next?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleigh Ride!

Last weekend, my friend Wonder Woman (I’ve alluded to her before here) organised a group of us to go on an hour long sleigh ride with our families. It was Iain’s first sleigh ride and he really, really enjoyed it.

It was a beautiful, bright sunny day so, unfortunately, this shot is a little overexposed. It's the only one I have yet though (still haven't collected from my friends digital cameras!).

Unlike the first time Iain saw a horse, he was not scared of them this time. We made sure to keep him well back or up on DH’s shoulders so that he wasn’t overwhelmed by the big animals. That may have helped. We were seated at the very end of the sleigh and Iain stared at those horses arses for the entire 55 minutes, before drifting off asleep in the last five minutes (and assuaging any fears I might have held that he could be cold. A toddler won’t drift off to sleep if they’re cold, right? Well, if we disregard the later stages of hypothermia of course…). A few of the other parents were laughing at him because he was so seriously looking at the horse’s for such a long time, then pointing and saying

“Wa’s da?”, which is pretty much Iain’s entire vocabulary repertoire at this point.

It was a fun hour followed by a lovely potluck at Wonder Woman and her family’s house. There were eight families in all and all of the children know each other so they had great fun playing. Or, in Iain’s case, great fun taking away toys away from any other child who didn’t fight back. It was one of those days!

Iain is eighteen months old now and has officially survived that set of needles too. How time flies!
By the way, is anyone else out there Knitting Daily email recipients? It’s a good thing I have no money or I’d have to build a barn in the back yard to hold my yarn and pattern supply.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Once Upon a Time…Cont'd

I realise that I’ve been very blog negligent and, for that, I apologise. Yes, I’m fine and thank you to those of you who have checked up on me just in case! What sweetie’s knitting bloggers are. I won’t go into a detailed list of reasons why I’ve been away from the blog but some of it has to do with Christmas holidays and ‘holing’ up for two weeks with DH during the holidays so we could really enjoy doing family stuff, as well as feeling very, very tired most of the time because wee Iain is up at 5:00 AM each morning go, go, GOING!

For somebody who averages reading five books a month, you don’t hear about it too much on this blog. I’m really low on knitting fodder (that means I have none to share with you – sob!) so here is another book review for your reading pleasure. You can pass right onto my next post if you’re not interested, I really don’t mind. I note in advance that the following may be a little opinionated but, hey, this is my blog and I’ve given myself permission to get up on my soap box when I want to.

My first two books for discussion are of the fantasy genre, Eragon and Eldest by Chris Paolini. I had been waiting for the third book to come out in soft cover so that I could have this set given to me as a complete trilogy. However, this year I got impatient and put them on my wish list. Luckily, I was very spoiled by DH over the holidays and these two books were waiting for me on Christmas morning. I saw Eragon in its movie format before reading the book and, if you do it in that order, assume that the movie was ‘gently flavoured’ by the idea behind the book and you’ll do fine. In other words, there is a huge difference in the storyline. Rather than call them discrepancies and make myself crazy about why screen writers are unable to pull the written word that worked so well in a novel and present it to us cinematically, I will simply say that Eragon the book and Eragon the movie are two entities to be enjoyed onto themselves. I loved these books and now can’t wait for Brisingr to come out in softcover so I can complete my set! The fact that these books were started when the author was 15 years old (Eragon was published when he was 19) is also very inspiring.

Before I review my next selection, I want to preface it with a bias of mine: I tend to avoid books written by celebrities (e.g. actors, musicians). Now, when I think about it, that’s a ridiculous form of censorship. Celebrities, after all, are artistic people. Why it unreasonable for me to accept that a celebrity can shine in areas other than acting and/or music and branch out into, say, writing? There is really no basis for my narrow-mindedness but there it is. I have been trying to get over it ever since I picked up Yakov and the Seven Thieves by Madonna (yes, the Madonna). You see, I bought Yakov and the Seven Thieves because I loved the story and the illustrations so much that it had to be mine, in hardcover even. It wasn’t until I had it home that I noticed who the author was and I have admit that my first thought was “Oh. Madonna wrote this”, combined with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Completely unrealistic considering that I love Madonna’s music so why couldn’t I like a book she’d written? I gave myself a little pep talk.

I wonder how many other great books out there am I depriving myself of because of my prejudgements? Anyway, my next book for review is Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. This is another book whose idea I was smitten by before realising that the author is married to Jerry Seinfeld. Not that I have anything against the Seinfeld’s themselves, I’m sure they are lovely people but, reread one paragraph up and you’ll understand my reticence. This cookbook was another addition to my Christmas wish list and I just started using it today. Iain doesn’t know it but he’s having cauliflower in the homemade mozzarella sticks (why, yes, I am a Mommy goddess now that you mention it…) that he’s having for lunch. Go me! I’m really enjoying the book and I have high hopes of getting a greater variety of vegetables into our little boy than he is currently eating by using a few new recipes. If you have fussy eaters and are worried about their vegetable and healthy food intake, look no further!

Naturally, I can’t do a book review without mentioning a couple of children’s books too. These two were also under the Christmas tree and have rated a ‘read several times a day’ since then.

Jamberry by Chris Degen. This is a lovely, rhythmic read with great illustrations. We signed this one out from the library some time ago and it came with the CD version like the one I linked to above (ours is a board book). I would highly recommend that option as I thought the actor did a wonderful job!

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. I purchased this book through Scholastic Canada for Iain's Christmas book pile after having enjoyed it with Iain through another library sign out. DH, in particular, is very impressed with this book and it’s already been read over and over since Christmas morning. We love this book and highly recommend it in your home or as a gift. The illustrations are stunning!

Perhaps I will get a post with pictures ready for later this week? Send good knitting thoughts this way and stay tuned!