Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catch Up

As I did not post at all during the holidays, I thought I would catch up with a few overdue pictures from our holiday at home. Enjoy!

We celebrated Christmas on Boxing Day this year. My FIL and SIL got stuck in Ottawa for several days due to their airplane breaking down en route and thus missing the good weather window to get into Halifax. Unfortunately, the ripple effect of cancelled flights, bad weather and Christmas travel resulted in their not being able to get here until late evening, Christmas Day. Luckily, Iain was too young to notice that Santa found his stocking an evening late (what a smart Santa!).

Here are Iain and DH opening Iain's 'big' present of the year:

The big box contents being enjoyed (he loves it!).

I can’t remember what this meal was exactly but I suspect pasta and tomato sauce were involved. It is so nice when he enjoys a nice, big meal!

You might want to turn your volume DOWN before watching this one. Para thought making snow angels was very exciting and, when Border Collies get very excited, they get very chatty!

Checkers has not been on this blog for ages and ages. Yes, this is our crazy cat enjoying the bathtub. I suspect it's her haunt for fresh water. She would be a good candidate for those 'running water' bowls for pets, I think.

Iain is, perhaps, a little too athletic for his mother’s taste sometimes.

Hmm. What to post about next?


Lydee said...

love the athletic pic! Look out! :-)

Alisha said...

I just love that video. Glad you had such a great holiday even a day late!

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Iain is getting so big! What a cutey! :)

I love the snow angel video. Para's reaction is very familiar to me. LOL

Yarnhog said...

He's changing so fast! What a cutie.