Saturday, April 03, 2010


In my fantasy, I have reached the point just before company arrives when I feel at peace with my house. The rooms are spotless and waiting with open arms. I imagine there is a Zen like feel about the place. Dishes are dried and off the counter. Laundry is all clean and put away. Flowers adorn the guest rooms. Martha would be proud.

In my reality, the house has been overrun with mountains. Mountains of dishes (our new dishwasher turned out to be a lemon and the new one will not arrive until April 9th at the earliest. Do you know how many dirty dishes two adults, a toddler and an infant can make???), mountains of laundry (one of which is threatening to avalanche over Aidan’s head as I type…must run and fix that…), and mountains of paperwork waiting to be filed from a six month build up of mail etc that we accumulated this fall prior to having our own space and filing cabinet.

Martha would recoil.


But, who cares? Lookie what my boys are doing these days (before a cold wiped them both out)!

Update: Thanks for coming to help me get at least the guest rooms and bathroom to some resemblance of order, Mudder! Sorry we gave you a bad cold for your troubles…FIL and SIL safely arrived on Wednesday.