Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Panda and Polar Bears!

Happy, happy Halloween from our most ferocious Panda and Polar bears!

Trick or treating is very serious business. Off with Daddy to hunt some treats.

Trick or treating is Serious business!

Jack o’Lantern by Iain and DH. Supervised by Aidan. What a team!

Iain and Daddy's Jack o'Lantern

Hope you had your fill (or more!) of chocolate tonight too!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


In the rush of every day when the laundry is always piled up, dishes always need to be washed, and even DH’s usual patience at the state of the place wanes, I sometimes forget why I wanted to stay at home with my children.

It was so we could do things like this.

Iain's cookie

I feel like this post should be entitled ‘Bad Mommy’ because this is the first time I have ever baked with the children when icing was involved.



That isn’t to say that I don’t involve the kids in baking. Well, to be honest, I haven’t been involving Aidan yet. His big brother is a baking pro as he insists on making pancakes Every. Single. Morning. Luckily, the stone pan I make them in leaves enough leftovers for the next day so we don’t have to make them quite every day unless it’s a weekend and DH has some too.

Iain had fun decorating.

Icing Iain

Aidan had fun making himself into a ghoul.

My ghoul!

I watched the sugar induced rampage that followed with horror!



Monday, October 25, 2010

Gone Green

While we were away in September, a wee bit of green found its way to our front lawn.


During our first couple of weeks back, it grew!



If you had asked me two months ago, I would have said something like

“Oh, we don’t mind living in a gravel pit. It’s very low maintenance!”


It was not until I was looking at the new swath of green in our front yard that I realised how much I missed the colour that used to surround us.



Para approves.

Para approved!

A lot!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pet Report

The pets have been complaining, and rightly so, that their face time on the ol’ blog has been pathetic of late. Here is a brief update on their lives:

Tobi Cat

Tobi, our 17.5 year old feline, is still feeling and acting very spry for her age. She does not approve of the new leather sofas we just added to our living room. However, she has managed to find other suitable resting spots around our house so I do not think she is too hard done by. She and Checkers still race around the house at night and she is loving the fact that the construction workers are more or less finished so that she can explore all reaches of the house.


Checkers, the youngest of the four legged crew, is still living up to the name Mudder usually calls her by – ‘Crackers’. She is cracked (is that only a Newfoundland and Labrador expression???)! Checkers is turning into a real lap cat which we really appreciate. She continues to be wonderful with the children, still never scratching them even with Aidan is a little over exuberant with his loves! Iain is trying to teach Aidan to be more gentle with the cats and it is so cute to see Aidan trying to live up to his brother’s expectation as those lessons progress!


I’m saving Para’s story for last because our dog is quite sick. She has an inner ear imbalance which the vet tells us is common among older dogs and we are hoping she will pull out of it soon (she is supposed to, according to the vet). She is a sorry sight to watch as her head is cocked over to one side and she staggers and falls when she walks. We have rugs all over the house from place to place because she keeps slipping and falling on the hardwood floor. On a happy note, she can sometimes make is across the floor on her own when Aidan is in his high chair! That being said, we are very, very worried about our 15 year ten month old Para and are unsure what the next few weeks will bring for her and us. It is a sad time at Chez Fibreholic at the moment.

Camping at Newman Sound

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Proof of Life

Rainbow Over the Atlantic

I know, I know. It has really been ages. I have missed you. Truly. I have been busy, much like you I suppose. I would imagine that you are better organised than I as many of you manage to write blog posts a little more often than, say, once every two months. As usual, I bow to your superior ability to be able to live life in a balanced way. It is a goal I strive towards.


One thing I have noticed is that the amount of blog posts I manage to write is almost directly proportionate to the amount of knitting I am doing. I believe this to be because when I have time to knit, I usually have time to be introspective. When I find no time to knit, I usually find myself with a catcher’s mitt, catching whatever life is hurling at me at any given moment. Not so much introspective because that would mean a ball in the face.


To show that we are doing well and that we have not quite dropped out of the world of technology, here is some proof taken on part of the East Coast trail close to our house just yesterday (Thanksgiving Monday to us Canadians. Happy belated Thanksgiving! We had a hoot; did you?!?).


This was our goal - beautiful Torbay!

Beautiful Torbay