Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Fever

Para has it. She has me up at night almost as often as Iain. Since the time change, Iain has been taking longer and longer to get to sleep at night. However, he is also sleeping through the night more often so I’ll take the later bedtimes! Checkers, the cat, is tearing around the house like a mad thing. Our other ‘old lady’, 15 year old Tobi, is out and about to visit us more and more despite the fact that she had surgery two weeks ago (a cyst which was too close to her eye and some dental work).

Iain got his feet wet walking in puddles earlier in the month and I simply could not resist these.

Historically, Iain has not liked hard soled shoes AT ALL. Therefore, he has been wearing Robeez or Bobunz, heavily insulated children’s boots from MEC covered by Stonz slip-ons when we go outdoors (hmm, bit of baby wear advertising there…). Anyways, when we had a spring melt a couple of weeks ago (followed by winter), Iain had to visit every puddle he could find and, for the first time, his feet were a bit wet when we came inside. I thought these rubber boots were adorable and bought them big so that I could use wool socks inside them as it might be getting more Spring-like around here but it’s pretty cold still.

To my surprise and glee, Iain loves his boots! Here is a video of Iain wearing hard soled boots for the very first time.

Isn’t he pleased with himself? He is even saying ‘boots’! I love how he is sticking off his tummy and just strutting around!

And, the picture you’ve all been waiting for. The mommy-to-be at week 25 (last Thursday evening):

And with the proud big brother.

It’s interesting. I find that Iain looks like a very big boy when I take pictures of him by himself. However, when he is in a picture with either myself or DH, all of a sudden he looks so wee again. He is really growing up too fast.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

I went to my regular obstetrician appointment by myself yesterday. It was a first. DH is away and he had never missed any of my obstetrics appointments with this pregnancy and attended all of them when I was carrying Iain. We consider ourselves very lucky.

Additionally, I did not have Iain with me. Iain is at that interesting age when bringing him into new situations is usually charming and fun. However, I find both of those behaviours a bit much when it involves stirrups and medical garbage cans (ew!). Luckily, one of my very good friends here in town offered to take Iain for me while I drove all the way to Kentville for my appointment. Usually, I meet up with my doctor here in town but, with once a month appointments and him only in the local hospital the odd week, I occasionally do have to drive to Kentville (a 45 minute drive) to see him.

So, I dropped off Iain, complete with snack and a good mood, a bit of a miracle considering he had just woken up. Iain usually takes about 15 minutes to get accustomed to the harsh world of Not Napping. I was almost to Kentville when I noticed that the ‘you need gas now’ light was on. I also thought that perhaps that light had been on for awhile and I had only just noticed it. No problem. DH is always telling me that I have more gas than I think once the gas light turns on (he’d know. He is also the person in the family who has run out of gas more times than the other adult in the house but, I digress…) and I have to admit that I panic a little when I see that light come on. In fact, I was mad at myself for not checking the gas gauge before I’d even left Middleton but it was too late by then.

The exit I take for the doctor is at Coldbrook where, luckily, there is a plethora of gas stations to choose from. I pulled up to my choice station and that’s when it hit me. Because I had dropped Iain off, that meant that I had also dropped off his diaper bag (a knapsack that goes with us everywhere). And, if I’d dropped off his diaper bag that also meant that I’d inadvertently dropped off my wallet. So, there I am, sitting at the gas station with no money, no credit card, no driver’s licence and no cell phone. The credit card and cell phone were particularly important because not only could I not buy gas but I also could not call anyone for help as I do not know anyone personally in Coldbrook/Kentville and it is a long distance call from there to Middleton for help. I didn’t think that the gas station would let me call long distance and solicit help but, hey, I’m pregnant right? I might get a break?

Turns out that gas attendants in Nova Scotia do not offer special assistance to pregnant ladies who are out of gas. So much for East Coast friendliness and hospitality.

With my fingers crossed, I limped to my doctor’s office and appointment praying that I would make it there, at least, before I ran out of gas. After all, two doors up from the clinic is a gas station. I could walk a can of gas over from that distance, I figured.

I made it to the doctor’s parking lot.

I also made it all the way into my appointment where, after telling the receptionist/nurse about my predicament, the office staff managed to come up with $10 cash so that I could fill the car with enough gas to get me back home again.

Pregnancy brain. I’ve got it bad.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remember Me?

Hi there! Remember me? I cannot believe I’ve missed more than a month before posting another blog post. For shame!

Here’s a little glimpse into some of the things we’ve been up to:

Playing with parts of Daddy’s uniform:

My Daddy is in the Air Force!

One of the reasons I’ve been so blog negligent – laundry. Yes, this is the clean pile and yes, I thought that a clean laundry pile this large deserved to be posted on the Internet.

Working hard to make Daddy a handmade Valentine’s pressie:

And going home to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Newfoundland for a week. Bliss!
Are you ready for some big news? Yes, Suzanne and Elizabeth’s suspicions were correct. On July 4, 2009, DH, Iain and I are expecting a new addition to the family. Yep, that would also be Iain’s second birthday. Yes, I’ve heard comments about my organisational abilities already, thank you.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant and I’m very slow posting about this pregnancy because A) I didn’t want to jinx it (we had many, many problems before Iain), B) there’s a significant case of ‘second child’ syndrome around here. That means, there are no pictures of me pregnant (yet) and only one ultrasound picture taken at 12 weeks and C) I was throwing up violently for the first four months. Feeling sick and writing eloquent (have I ever?) blog posts do not go hand in hand. This does not mean that we are not thrilled with this news. We are absolutely thrilled. My belly button became an ‘outie’ within days of becoming pregnant and, when I tell Iain and there’s a baby in there, he pulls up my shirt and presses on my belly button! He is too young to really understand what all of this means but we’re having fun with the concept just the same.

Alright, I promise, I will post a pregnancy pose soon. Just as soon as I take one…