Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleigh Ride!

Last weekend, my friend Wonder Woman (I’ve alluded to her before here) organised a group of us to go on an hour long sleigh ride with our families. It was Iain’s first sleigh ride and he really, really enjoyed it.

It was a beautiful, bright sunny day so, unfortunately, this shot is a little overexposed. It's the only one I have yet though (still haven't collected from my friends digital cameras!).

Unlike the first time Iain saw a horse, he was not scared of them this time. We made sure to keep him well back or up on DH’s shoulders so that he wasn’t overwhelmed by the big animals. That may have helped. We were seated at the very end of the sleigh and Iain stared at those horses arses for the entire 55 minutes, before drifting off asleep in the last five minutes (and assuaging any fears I might have held that he could be cold. A toddler won’t drift off to sleep if they’re cold, right? Well, if we disregard the later stages of hypothermia of course…). A few of the other parents were laughing at him because he was so seriously looking at the horse’s for such a long time, then pointing and saying

“Wa’s da?”, which is pretty much Iain’s entire vocabulary repertoire at this point.

It was a fun hour followed by a lovely potluck at Wonder Woman and her family’s house. There were eight families in all and all of the children know each other so they had great fun playing. Or, in Iain’s case, great fun taking away toys away from any other child who didn’t fight back. It was one of those days!

Iain is eighteen months old now and has officially survived that set of needles too. How time flies!
By the way, is anyone else out there Knitting Daily email recipients? It’s a good thing I have no money or I’d have to build a barn in the back yard to hold my yarn and pattern supply.


Lydee said...

that sounds like so much fun!!! cute pic too! it looks a little chilly, but fun.

Alisha said...

What a cute photo!