Thursday, December 14, 2006


I knew it was a matter of time but this blog managed to last six months before I had to do this. Sorry folks but, all posted comments will now go through me before being published on this blog. I received an anonymous posting this morning that I didn't appreciate (the content could have been much worse but it was not appreciated just the same) so I've has to enable some 'comment control'. Therefore, no more anonymous blogging meaning that you will have to register with blogger to add a comment. My apologies as I realise it was easier the other way but I guess I can blame the 'anonymous' ones out in cyberspace for ruining our fun!

Onto brighter and better things: I'm housecleaning! We have friends coming for the weekend and I want the house to sparkle. Actually, I am trying to make Thursday's a regular cleaning day as I want the house clean for the weekends when we're more likely to have 'drop in' company (love that!) and I HATE cleaning on the weekends! Leftover feelings from when I was working full-time I suppose.

Once the 'have to's' are done (cleaning and dog walking) I intend on moving onto the really fun things: quilting a Christmas quilt! Blogging information on that WIP to follow! Off to clean (can you tell this is a pep post to get me motivated???) :) .


Elizabeth said...

Here's a big ole sloppy wet raspberry to the anonymous people out there! I'll log in anytime for you. Have fun cleaning... 1 bathroom down 1 to go here. God Bless ELMO!

JustApril said...

Those BRAVE anonymous commenters. It must be so hard to have no identity that you can admit to without being ashamed. Very sad to be in that place, I'M SURE.

(she said dripping with sarcasm)

ah, yeah, cleaning - sigh - not gonna happen today......snore

Renee said...

I hate that stuff! But I don't think many people mind signing in.

Housecleaning sucks. Big time. Good luck with it!

JustApril said...

btw TAG you're it =)*) if you wanna be
See my WEIRD blog for details