Thursday, April 12, 2007


As promised, here is a bump picture taken last week at snowy Lake Louise (neither DH nor I had ever been there in the snow before). Lots of people were out walking across the lake but, as you can probably tell, I wasn’t really dressed for a hike and we were trying to get to Calgary at a decent hour. You can also probably tell that my coat selection has become compromised – this green fleece is the only thing with the flex to go around my tummy. Luckily, pregnancy warmth had hit and I was quite comfy despite being in a dress with no long johns! Notice the shoes? It was spring when we left Summerland and turned into winter the closer we got to Calgary. Creston, too, had the tulips up and the forsythia blooming. Lake Louise and Calgary provided a bit of preparation back into the reality of an Ottawa "spring".

We’re still working like mad around here. I will post more renovation pictures soon. Our progress was somewhat challenged today by the alternator in the car dying. DH was out running errands when the battery light came on. Unfortunately, that meant quite the expensive trip to the garage and a change of errand plans (thus a delay in work) so we could get the car to the garage ASAP. Sigh.

Tomorrow afternoon we meet with the military’s move people and see when we can go on our house hunting trip (HHT) as well as determining other intricate details of our upcoming move. The excitement never ends!

To top is all off, DH just had a Dairy Queen craving so Para and I drove up to Dairy Queen (it’s a nice long walk in the summer but way too far to walk on a dark and rainy evening) to get us some ice cream. Turns out Baby likes ice cream and is still kicking for joy! His/her father’s child! And here we are, back at Lake Louise, with the ‘long arm shot’ provided by DH.


Renee said...

Awwww, look how cute you guys are.

What great scenery. I'd love to go out west someday for a visit.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah for the bump! I have to admit I am a bump addict LOL, not sure if that's cause I know I'll never have one again or because I love babies but either way I love em' You and DH look soooo happy and I'm glad the party weekend was such a roaring success!

Samantha said...

You look great! Baby bumps are wonderful. :) That's a great picture of you and your dh. :)