Monday, September 24, 2007

Strange Days Indeed

DH went back to work today. This is what Iain thought of it…

I have been steadily working on my mystery WIP. I am on the home stretch with just the collar to knit up and the lovely knitted ruffle to sew onto the seed/moss stitched collar. I’m about 2 cm’s away from completion before that last bit of sewing up to do plus adding the wee buttons. I actually knit and nursed Iain at the same time yesterday! Probably not something I’ll be able to do often in the future – the patio deck chairs and a big pillow enabled me – as the weather is getting too cool to sit outside for long. However, I really enjoyed the ‘multi-tasking’ and am considering indoor options to facilitate the same activity.

Awhile ago, I said I would post some house pictures. Elizabeth mentioned that I’m overdue to do that. Here are a few.

The front of our house.

The window for the "secret room".

Our lovely back deck (we bought our first patio set after buying this house. This is where I managed to nurse Iain and knit last night). We have been spending a LOT of time enjoying the back deck and the back yard. And, yes, the lawn does take forever to mow. By the look of this shot, it needs to be mowed. Again.

The two car garage/workshop view from the deck. Hummingbirds visit us here.

A view of the back yard, complete with hammock, our border collie and her friend, Tasha.

The crab apples that threaten to kill us – either by falling on our heads or rolling under foot - each time we walk out the drive way. Beautiful but dangerous!

DH and Iain enjoying the back yard.

Sorry, this one was too cute not to post.

The kid is 2.5 months old – look at that head control!?!

Hopefully I will be able to post some knitting content again soon. We have company right now (yeah!) who have just left for the day to go touring. Mudder and Fadder arrive tomorrow for two weeks (yeah again!) and DH’s parents and sister arrive on October 5th for 10 days (double yeah!). Yes, that’s back to back company. AKA help for new mom! Triple yeah! And Iain slept for 40 minutes allowing me to get most of this post done before he woke up. Quadruple yeah!

Samantha meme’d me. Thanks, Samantha! Another blog post idea when my knitting production is so low! I will try and fulfil that meme promptly. As it seems to include me having my hair washed and looking halfway decent, it may take a few days…

I have also been working on my blog in the new blogger template. It’s really a work in progress so you will likely notice changes regularly and I’ll apologize now for inactive links etc. For example, DH was complaining that my titles didn’t seem to be working properly. He was right and I’m now in the process of fixing each of my 90 odd post titles. Luckily, this is also something I can do while I’m nursing.

I hope you’re all having fun out there in knitter land. I’m having trouble catching up on each of the blogs I love to read regularly and really miss that. However, it also means that I appreciate you all even more when I do get down to reading.

Editor's Note: The production of this email took all day. It was hindered by: eight diaper changes; three nursing sessions; one load of laundry; the biggest spit up of my 2.5 month old son’s young life; one complete outfit change for baby; one complete outfit change for Mommy; one walk to the grocery store to complete one slow cooker meal; the addition of ingredients into one bread maker for our evening meal; and some two and a half month old style conversation. Your patience in ignoring inevitable spelling and grammatical errors is appreciated. Please tell me I’m not the only one to experience days like these…


Renee said...

You aren't the only one to have days like that. Some days are diamonds, others are rocks but they're all pretty good as long as they have cute little faces in them (I could chew the dimples right out of his cheeks).

JustApril said...

Oh, you are SO not the only one that has days like that. AH! The projectile spit ups, clothes changing, diaper changing, etc, etc... yep, I remember very well. I can't believe he's already 2.5 months old! I love his little sideways grin, SO cute!

Sarah said...

No you are not the only one who has had that kind of day. I would love to say it gets better, but it really will just involve more of everything. Eventually nursing gives way to meals and snacks, diapers turn into potty training, baby amusement gets harder because they think our act gets kind of lame and we need to step up our performance, maybe another baby comes along so you can see where this is going. Still they are worth it spellyng arrors asside.

...What a great house. Does your DH have to deploy? Iain is adorable.

Kristin said...

Pretty much all my posts are interupted and I very rarely get to proof read.
Love your house, I won't be showing those pictures to my DH, we'd be packing up to move next door.

It is a long day when you are suddenly left to manage alone, good thing yo have some help lined up. Hope it goes well!

Samantha said...

Great pictures! I love your house. Your backyard is gorgeous. I especially love the pictures of your little guy. Sorry your dh had to go back to work, that sucks. My dh went back to work three days after Ethan was born ... and left me with three kids in the house. Eeep! We all managed though. :)

Congrats on knitting and nursing. Its not easy, but its so nice to feel like you're actually getting something done while you're nursing, eh? :)

Have a great day!! BTW, you are not the only person to experience days like that ...

Yarnhog said...

You are not the only one to experience days like this. Most of us try really, really hard to forget them once the babies are older. There's about a five year memory blur in my recent past. I like it that way.

Alisha said...

That baby is a gem!!!