Friday, December 21, 2007

Contest Entry

ModMum contest at Much More Than a Mom

I'm entering a contest for a sling! I already have two (I use a Moby UV sling most often at the moment) but a mommy can never have enough slings! All youse with young children, sign yourselves up for a chance at a loverly win!

And, thank you, Elizabeth, for the contest information!

Sadly, I have no knitting news. I. Haven't. Knit. A. Stitch. In (shudder). Weeks.


Anonymous said...

Oohh! I could use a sling.

Yarnhog said...

My older son hated the sling. I couldn't get him to stay in it for more than 30 seconds without a complete meltdown. My younger son loved it like a favorite blankie. He would stay in it all day if I let him--and I used it until he was four! It's actually really helpful when you're toting a toddler, because it takes the place of the arm you would usually use to hold the child on your hip, leaving your hands free and giving your arm, shoulder, and back a bit of a break. I stopped using it when he hit forty pounds.

Alisha said...

I loved the slings I used when my girls were babies. That was the best to carry them around that way.

Anonymous said...

anytime! Glad to share the potential wealth :)