Friday, January 25, 2008

A Reprieve!

No, it’s not done. I had really hoped to post a big ‘TA DA’ photo on Monday but it just didn’t happen. Thank you, THANK YOU to all of you for your supportive thoughts and good knitting energy. I could really feel the love from here. How I do love knitting bloggers! You are such a kind and friendly and nice bunch! I’m just sorry that I have not had time to respond to you with individual thanks as I’ve been very busy packing (see para 3).

The hat itself is complete. It’s the ‘accoutrements’ that are doing me in (crocheted ‘frosting’ and I’ve knit the candle and wick twice and still don’t like them. Plus, I’m having a hard time sewing them on – do I just tack them on or attempt some type of mattress stitch???). Anyway, as was forecasted by the great Yarnhog who knows about the fickle nature of gift deadlines, it turns out that I have a reprieve on the hat. One of the recipient’s parents’ is away until February 3rd and the birthday party will not be held until after that at the earliest so I should be able to finish the hat today/tomorrow and put it in the mail. I will post a photo when we’re back.

Back from where? Oh yes! I forget to tell you! Iain is going on his first ski trip! Well, actually, Iain is tagging along on his first ski trip. No skis for him yet – DH and I will take turns caring for him while the other is skiing/taking lessons (that would be me. I know how to snow board, not ski and, frankly, I’m not very good at snow boarding either. DH is the skier of the family). We are headed to Sugarloaf, Maine and are en route this afternoon. Although there is a childcare centre at Sugarloaf, I am not yet comfortable leaving my little one who has not been separated from me for longer than three hours in his entire life at a day-care centre for an entire week. I am going to check it out, though, as I might consider one afternoon of childcare as an option.

Anyone out there know of any knitting shops along the way? We’re going through St. John, New Brunswick, crossing into Maine at St. Stephen, over nighting somewhere near Bangor and then off to Sugarloaf on Sunday. Unlike many other things that need to accompany us, my knitting is packed. That was the first bag I got ready. When going on a road/ski trip, one must have priorities.

Because my hat progress is not much yet to look at and I’m trying to post equal knitting to Iain shots (and failing miserably), here is my knitting shot for the day. Allow me re-introduce…my feet.

The relaxed nature of this shot belies the actual pandemonium of my residence at present.

Gotta run! Talk to you again after February 3rd.


JustApril said...

From what I understand skiing is easier than snowboarding. I love it! Have fun on your trip! =) Oh, it was nice meeting your feet again =))

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!
I wouldn't be all that keen about leaving my kids at the daycare either.

Anonymous said...

Love the socks! You should have called! I would have come watched Baby Iain for you...hmmm I wonder how far Sugarloaf is from here...hmm 3 hours, You won't leave your precious babe in daycare but you'd leave him with an bloggy friend right?

LOL...Have a BLAST! skiing is so much easier than snowboarding.

Jeff G said...

I hope you have (had?) a good trip! There's a great yarn shop in Orono (right near Bangor) called Fiberphilia. I would recommend it even if my wife Michele and I didn't own it!

Samantha said...

Ethan has a pair of socks I knit him exactly like those. :)