Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Yes, Yes I Did

Yes, I did complete my Booga bag and, thus, the DH Challenge. I completed the project shortly after my last post and managed to get it fulled and dried before we got back on the aeroplane for Nova Scotia.

I also managed to photograph the several feet of knitted I-cord that I’d completed before beginning to full this project.

I can’t tell you exactly how long it was because, erm, I just knit it until I ran out of wool. The Knitting Goddess was smiling on me though – I had exactly enough for my bag without trimming off even a wee bit. Whew!

Why yes, that is snow on my completed Booga Bag photograph taken just this morning on my back step. It’s hovering at 0 degrees Celcius here right now. It is also snowing. Before we left Saanichton, FIL mowed the lawn again. Sigh.

I’m also proud of my 2008 record. That’s two FO’s in three months. Not too shabby!

I had hoped to have more lovely spring in Victoria (Saanichton) completed (fulled and all) Booga Bag pictures for you but, alas, a couple of days before we left BC, Iain and I came down with a bad cold. The kind of cold that means it’s a good thing I don’t do podcasts as I sound like a frog. And there’s a Humidifier going at all hours in this house. And both Iain and I (or DH for that matter) do not sleep through the night as one or the other is up coughing. That kind of cold. And we still have it.

Due to feeling terrible the last couple of holiday days, I didn’t get a chance to grace the inside of any of the lovely little fibre shops in the Victoria area of Vancouver Island. Oh well. There is always the next time. I have something lovely in mind from my LYS anyway (just have a peek here. I’m sure I can be tempted by something…).

I can proudly boast to having completed the DH Challenge. Now I just need to get Iain and I healthy enough to head out to my LYS to shop. Give me a couple of weeks…

Happy Spring!


Lydee said...

the booga bag is lovely. I can almost feel it through the pictures :-)

JustApril said...

aaawwww sad =( hope y'all get to feeling better real soon! The bag looks sufficiently happy, though! =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! congratulations! Happy shopping. The bag looks great.
Bummer about the cold and the coughing. Hope you are all on the mend.

Samantha said...

Nice bag! Congrats on a job well done. :)

Alisha said...

Wonderful bag! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!