Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Two Days After Mother's Day!

It was a wee bit cold this Mother's Day here in Nova Scotia. We were lucky enough to have company Saturday night and, after they left on Sunday, DH and I decided to bring Iain to the playground. Here he is enjoying his very first time on the slide. Can you tell that Para wants to join in? (Note: make sure the volume on your computer is turned down. It was a very windy day so the sound of the wind is loud. All I’m saying is "Hello, Daddy!" "Here goes Iain on his very first slide." and "Whee!")

We used to take Para to playgrounds and, when no one else was around, get her to go up and down the slide (and for anyone who is concerned, Para never ever did her business in the sand on a playground. That is unacceptable for any dog owner to allow as far as we are concerned). One time, DH took her to the playground behind the military quarters where we lived in Cold Lake, Alberta. The jungle gym there had a tube slide. DH gave Para the command to go up the stairs and then down the slide. However, once she got to the slide and looked down, she hesitated. DH kept saying ‘Okay, Para, down the slide!" But, she continued to hesitate – unusual for her. DH said that finally, she looked at him, seemed to give a doggy shrug and headed down the slide. To his surprise, two teenagers popped out of the bottom of the tube slide before the dog came out! I don’t know who was more surprised – the young couple caught necking in the tube slide or DH!

Unfortunately, the arthritis in Para’s back is now too bad to allow her to use a slide anymore. She usually twists her back coming down and that is too much twisting for our old dog. It is really hard to see her slowing down.

I was going to say, ta da! An FO already in May but then I looked at the calendar and noticed the date. If anyone can help me find the first week of May 2008, I’d really appreciate it. Either way, though, this is another FO for 2008!

Well, the cross stitch portion is completed. It also needs to be washed as I’m sure you can tell from the stretch marks. As I’ve decided not to frame this project at a framing store, I now have to get sewing in order to hang it on the wall. Unfortunately, that means this project will have to join the sewing queue in the basement. Still, it takes me forever to complete a cross stitch and I consider this project complete despite the eventual sewing it will have to endure.

Details: This cross stitch came in a kit designed and produced by Paradise Stitching Co., Paradise, Newfoundland. This company can be contacted on the Internet here. The name of this kit was ‘Basilica’. Finished stitched size 7.4" X 5.2"


Lydee said...

Lovely FO!

Love the dog, tube slide story, very funny!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely lovely Patty. I love the vibrant colours and scenes with houses always look so inviting and joyful. Can't wait to see it after the sewing (although I hear you about the pile it will be added to - I have several of those around here).

Happy playground days. Now that spring has really set in I am having to learn how to manage the playground with two kids and the fact that only one wants to swing and have me slide with her (my 4 year old) and the other wants nothing more than a nap in his stroller (my 6 month old). It's a major negotiation event. : )

Alisha said...

Happy belated Mothers Day!

That is a FO for sure!! The preparing to hang is a drop in the bucket compared to actually getting all the cross stitch done.