Monday, June 09, 2008

A Visit to Grand-Pré

Well, we didn’t go camping. In the end, I decided it was too stressful for me/us to get ready with everything else I had to do. Additionally, DH flew off to Ontario on Sunday morning so, by staying home, we got to spend as much time with him as possible.

We did enjoy a ‘mini-break’ (I love that UK term!) on Saturday though. Mudder, Fadder and DH had not been to Grand-Pré before (Iain and I enjoyed a visit there last fall when my in-laws were visiting). It was a gorgeous day for a picnic and the grounds at Grand-Pré are spectacular for that sort of thing so, off we went.

Iain Bean fell asleep in the car on our way there. We managed to arrive, eat a huge picnic lunch and on he slept! As I’d already been through the interpretive centre portion of Grand-Pré, I opted to stay and wait for Iain outside, feed him his lunch when he woke up, and then join the rest of the group when we were ready.

Here’s why I was so interested in staying behind.

Sleeve number two!
Done! It’s now awaiting blocking, as per the books instructions. I need to go out and buy a spray bottle for that. We need one for laundry anyways – my other one holds our vinegar and water cleaning mix.

With the thrill of a completed sleeve coursing through my veins, Iain and I finished our picnic and joined the others inside. I managed to catch the 20 minute movie which I’d missed during our first visit (Iain was fussy). If you get a chance to visit this area, I highly recommend this site. It is a spectacular tribute to a horrific time in history when the English expelled the Acadians from their homes.

It is also an absolutely beautiful location.

In running news, I fit in three runs this past week. That is a two run increase from the week before. I also got in my long run of 7 kms in yesterday and I’m not sore today (my long runs are comprised of 10 minutes of steady running with one minute of walking)! Yeah me! Now, let’s see if I can get four runs in this week. My parents have been amazing about taking Iain and ensuring I get my runs in. In fact, when I mentioned borrowing the jogging stroller from my friend to go for a run, my mother informed me that “…running is my opportunity to get away from it all.” She then took Iain for me so I could go. I’m really going to miss those two when they leave. Not as much as Iain though. He just loves them!

The smell of freshly picked (today) rhubarb crisp is in the air. It was a hot and humid day here today but I went out this morning to get some weeding and rhubarb harvesting done. Then I came back in for most of the day as it was really too hot and humid for me (or my mother for that matter). There was no way I was going to use the oven today but, with the fresh night breeze blowing through all of the open windows and a bowlful of rhubarb sitting on the counter, I had visions of rhubarb crisp for breakfast.


Jennifer said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Too bad the knitting stayed behind, though.

On the running front, I have to kick myself in the butt to get out the door this week. With school being crazy and an increase in temperatures (about 10 degrees!) it's been hard to get out for the runs. But I will! Speaking of which, we should take a look at half-marathons coming up this fall and see which one works.

Lydee said...

yea for you! so glad you're able to get your runs in. enjoy your training.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a fantastic time was had by all :) The sleeve is lovely and Iain is one handsome devil