Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When I began writing this blog, I was inspired by the many knitting blogs that were available. DH and I had no children, three pets and I was gainfully employed outside the house on again, off again. I also had a little more time on my hands to both type and knit and, she gasps mournfully, even do other craft like things.

Five years later, things are a little different and a lot busier. Three very young children, two pets (more on that in another post) and finite time has meant that my focus has changed from knitting and other fibre arts to trying to make loving, kind, generous human beings. Therefore, I am going to be making some changes here at Chez Fibreholic, starting with the blogs name, layout, etc..

Yes, there will still be the occasional knitting/fibre related content. However, I want the blog to reflect what I am currently concentrating on which I hope will also inspire me to write more blog posts without feeling me like my posts should concentrate on fibre related content (which is totally in my head anyway but there it is). It is my space so I am going to do what I want with it.

Hope you like it.


Liffey said...

I love the new name :)

M. said...

Hi Cousin! Can't believe I'm just getting around to this. I'm a Follower! Mom blogs are cool. :)