Thursday, January 25, 2007


Big News Number One:

Renee is going to be so jealous! She might have in-laws visiting from Newfoundland and Labrador but I decided to GO to Newfoundland and Labrador instead of entertaining company. Ah. The familiar sounds of home. Dad with the compressor running in the garage doing God knows what, Mudder puttering around at the family tree(geneology), little Gicker (my nickname for my little sister) hanging out in the living room until she has to go to work and Dali the dog whining at the door to get in or out.

I got in on Tuesday and it was a good thing I did. Yesterday was a very blustery day indeed. Everything in St. John’s was closed down – even the university. I attended Memorial for six years (long story resulting in one completed and only a few more credits required for another completed undergraduate degree) and it only closed down for weather two or three times that I remember. So, that’s how stormy it was here yesterday. In fact, we’re still waiting for the plow to come in and plow Mudder and Fadder’s driveway! Dad was out yesterday and shoveled quite a bit – including being up on a ladder pulling the heavy, wet snow off the roof. Dad really needs a seat belt for such activities (to say the man is accident prone would be like saying fish like swimming in a little bit of water) but didn’t need an ambulance service at the end, for which we are grateful.

I’m home for two and a half weeks. I came home on Aeroplan points so ended up flying from Montreal instead of Ottawa and saved myself 10, 000 points for my next trip in the process. DH dropped me off at the train station in Ottawa on Tuesday morning and, I must say, the whole process was rather painless. I had a two hour stopover in Halifax where my friend L was kind enough to deliver sushi (vegetarian for me – you will find out why in the next section as I love fish sushi!) for supper and a chat before I had to go through security again –very nice! Our relationship over the past several years has been restricted to airport visits so I’m always thankful when L can get away from her busy schedule and fit me in.

Big News Number Two:

One of the reasons I wanted to visit Mudder and Fadder and the rest of the family and assorted friends right now is because I wanted to fly before I got too big. Yes, Elizabeth guessed it, we are expected our first baby on June 27th. I’m into month five now and we’re feeling a little bit more comfortable telling people, thus the ‘coming out of the closet’ on my blog! We’ve had problems in the past so this secret has only been in the open over the past couple of weeks. We didn’t want to jinx anything and had some test results that we wanted back before we made the big announcement. Therefore, I'm counting on all of you knitting mothers out there in the blogosphere to offer all kinds of helpful advice! I know I can count on you! It may be a busy summer if we also end up moving however, I'm not going to worry about that until March when the Canadian Forces cuts their 'posting messages' (CF term for the letter we get telling us the next place we will call 'home').

Off to try and convince Mudder that we need to go for a walk on the track. Mudder and Fadder are spitting distance from both the track (Trans Canada Trail) and Conception Bay (the waves are splitting the rocks down there right now - I listen to them to put me to sleep at night) so we have great access for walks right along the water. Yeah me!


Anonymous said...

Oh yay! Congratulations on your pregnancy! :) YAY! Think of all the little things you'll get to knit!! :)

Renee said...

Congratulations!!! That's great news. This knitting mother is FULL of helpful advice. I'm so excited for you.

And yes.....I'm jealous that you are in NL. Reealllllllly jealous. Sniff, sniff!

Renee said...

Oh, and cook that kidlet one day extra so he/she can share a birthday with Jillian, ok?

Elizabeth said...

YAHOO!!!! YIPPEE!! Congrats :) I missed non-veggie sushi tremendously! but I still at tuna (shhh!) I'm here for you with advise as needed! do you know if you'll be knitting in pink or blue or are you waiting to be surprised?