Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hello, my friendly bloggers! I know. It seems as though I’ve dropped out of the blogosphere. I’ve been busy enjoying everyone else’s blogs (Renee’s, Elizabeth’s, Kate’s and Samantha’s to name a few) but been sadly neglecting my own. This is partially due to the fact that I have no interesting knitterly photographs. None. Zip. Nadda.

I have been blessed to have DH home for holidays for two weeks – he just went back to work on Tuesday. When we weren’t visiting or Christmas/New Years carousing with friends, DH has been working away in our basement. We (that’s the royal ‘we’ – DH has done all of the work down there with some help from friends and that list doesn’t include help from the friend he married) have been trying to get the basement renovated for many years. The light at the end of the tunnel is near. I will have pictures of the wondrous event…when I get back to Kanata. I am, you see, gallivanting around Kingston for a week with a friend of mine so can’t post pictures as I left my digital camera at home. Bad Patty!

So far, we’ve visited Wool-Tyme in Kingston and many, many downtown shops. Visiting Kingston wouldn’t be complete without lunch at Pan Chancho’s so we did that yesterday (hurrah for carrot, lemon and thyme soup and hummus sandwiches!). I’m hoping we will go again… I have no idea what we’re doing today but can’t help but look forward to what will likely be another exciting afternoon.

And, how about knitterly progress? Again: none, zip, nadda. I have only knit a couple of rows since the New Year started. I have been concentrating on trying to complete WIP’s in the cross stitch format. Therefore, 2007 may see some other than knitterly projects on this blog as my cross stitch WIP’s have developed into quite the nasty pile. You wouldn’t believe the attitude from that side of the house! Nothing but complaints about ‘crossing to the other side’ and how using ‘one needle instead of two’ is superior. I’ve just got to whip some of these projects into completion submission!

Wish me luck…


Renee said...

We'll read no matter what you talk about. Heck, go on my blog and see how long (aside from yesterday's post) it has been since I talked about knitting. Too long - but I'm not quick and I have two kids.

Have fun in Kingston!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Well not quite back but I'm glad you posted! Your faithful readers will be happy with whatever you post. Just jump in! Oh, and that Cross-Stitch claiming it's easier that two needle pursuits? Just beat it back into the bag with a resounding "I don't have to read charts with knitting!" well not all the time anyway! Make sure to post pics of all FO's not just the knitted ones.