Friday, August 24, 2007

Fibreholic's First BB (Belated Blogiversary) Contest!

I think bloggers usually hosting a blogiversary contest sometime before the official date and hold the draw the day of the blogiversary. Not me, however. I have a newborn. This means that getting set up for a contest is just a wee bit more challenging (aka late). Therefore, I will be hosting my first blogiversary contest (and first contest for that matter – squee!) from now (August 24, 2007) until one week from now (August 31, 2007).

Just a few rules:
  1. You do not have to answer every trivia question! Give it a whirl – peruse my blog further if you like – and send in what you have as your entry. This is supposed to be fun, not hard work!
  2. I am aware that some people who peruse my blog are non-knitters. You can still join the fun! Just remember that the prizes are very knitting oriented so it would be nice if the winner was a knitter (or at least good friends with one…).
  3. Please send trivia responses to the following email: If you add your answers to my comments instead of submitting by email, I will not be able to post your comment until after the contest is over so your hard earned answers are not given away.
  4. You have to be willing to share your snail mail name and address with me so that I can send you your prize. After you’ve found out you’ve won, please forward your contact information to the email address above (ensure your privacy by not posting it into my comment section!).

This is a two-part contest.

Fibreholic Trivia - Part A:

  1. What types of pets do we have and what are their names?
  2. From what city and province did my family just move?
  3. When is my baby’s birthday?
  4. What is the date of our wedding anniversary? What year?
  5. What school program was I enrolled in prior to becoming pregnant and then moving?
  6. What part of Canada am I from originally?
  7. What type of knitting needles have been known to give me a lot of grief?

Charity - Part B:

Please write a brief description about a charity that holds a special place in your heart. I would like for you to either write about your charity of choice on your own blog (and please let me know that you’ve done so, so that I can read it too) or write about your charity in my comments. This way, your charity gets some additional ‘face time’. I am always interested in why people choose to support the charities they support and think it would be nice to share.

Please remember not to include your Part A answers in with your charity information! If you are comfortable with the idea, I’d love a story about why a particular charity is important to you. If you’re not comfortable sharing a story, the name of the charity and contact information in my comments will suffice. After the contest is over, I will make a small donation to the winner(s) charity of choice.

Have fun, Everybody and, please, let me know if any of the above is confusing and I will clarify. As incentive, I’ve picked up a couple of prizes and something by the Fleece Artist is included.

Good Luck!


Elizabeth said...

OH FUN! I think I know the answers to several questions...hmmmm a couple may require research :)

I guess things are going well since you have time to fun a mini contest!

How's everything going with the new house?

Sarah said...

Looking forward to this! How fun.

ikkinlala said...

My favourite charity right now is Partners in the Horn of Africa (