Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have been hesitant to blog as I have little knitting progress to report. You can probably tell what I’ve been up to (even as I type single-handed!) by the title. I haven’t learned how to knit and wield two (or four…) pointy sticks while nursing without harming my first-born (if anyone knows the secret then, please, let me in on it) therefore knitting has become a bit of a memory. I am very much enjoying this special time and fibre only improves with age, right?

We are also very much enjoying our short time here on the East Coast. Have I yet mentioned how wonderful it is here? I love the house more every day (yes, I really should post a picture of it. Great idea. That gives me something to post about when I’m not knitting. Have I mentioned that the house has a ‘secret room’ a là Harry Potter?). It is currently raining and I love hearing the soft patter of rain drops on the patio, in the grass and on the leaves of the huge trees surrounding our property and the street in general. There’s something magical about rainfall when you’re this close to the ocean (only a 7 minute drive up over the mountain). It sounds cleansing somehow. I will have Sarah, over at Life With…, calling a moving company before the year is out!

Despite the fact that I haven’t been busy knitting or being creative in general since giving birth (and I am well aware of how creative that process was – wow!), one of our good friends was busy. Remember my sewing day friend, H? Well, here is her baby gift for Iain Daniel (incidentally, I made the cute kid seated on the quilt...any knitting blogging points for that?):

Isn’t it just gorgeous? The colours are bright and happy, just the way I like them. The fabric is awesome with a combination of fleece and a curly, furry fabric that I can’t name but which is heavenly soft.

It should wash like a dream and Iain loves it! Thanks so much from all of us, H!

I have been getting a few embroidery stitches sewn into my mystery knitting WIP. DH tells me that I shouldn’t buy anymore yarn until that project is done. It’s not really a dictatorship around here. I feel he is being perfectly reasonable when he says,

"And exactly how disappointed are you going to be if she [the recipient] has grown out of it before you’ve given it to her?"

Sigh. Logical, sequential and reasonable arguments get me every time.

I am motivated, though. I found this pattern and I want to knit a couple for Iain before winter. Therefore, the mystery WIP has to get finished. Any suggestions on a 100% worsted weight, super wash wool for a baby sleep sack?


JustApril said...

Nursing and knitting goes along much easier with circular needles, which is why I learned magic loop. Iain looks like a happy little person! What a cutie.

Yarnhog said...

The quilt, lovely though it is, is a distant second to the treasure lying on it. Don't sweat the little stuff. You're doing the big stuff just fine.

Kristin said...

I am no help to you, I have no idea how to get more knitting done with a baby around. Well, unless you invest in a maid and a nanny and a chef...
Iain is very cute, he's chubbing up. The milk truck is doing good work!

Samantha said...

Iain is adorable! So very cute. :) I love the quilt.

I don't know what yarn would be good for that pattern. I've been trying to figure that one out myself.

And yes, definitely post a picture of your new house. It sounds lovely.

Sarah said...

I think a My Brest Friend nursing pillow and the 2 circular needle or the magic loop and you should be good to go. Of course this only lasts until the babies start noticing what you are doing. I could only manage nursing and reading though so don't feel like there are many wonder women who can do everything with a baby hanging from their nipples. My only hope to knit was to do it during nap times. That is why my blog is a knitting/living blog. One day I will knit up a storm.

That blanket is really very beautiful.

Sarah said...

Oh and Yarnhog is really a very wise person. And absolutely yes you get points for the adorable creation sitting on the blanket.

Elizabeth said...

I never got the hang of knitting and nursing.. cancel that. I hadn't learned to knit yet LOL... anyway, the blanket is beautiful and Ian Daniel is the cutest! Look at the dimples in that first picture! Yes, you get points for posting cute baby pics!

Mrs. H said...

Awwww... he's just so darned CUTE! Take double points for this creation, Mom! :)