Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Self Portrait Meme

As per Samantha’s meme tag, I’ve been struggling to take a decent self-portrait. I’ve experimented at home and when I/we were out and about. I decided to stick with the out and about poses. I felt that these ones were far more interesting, if only due to the background alone.

A week ago, Mudder and Fadder were still here and one thing Fadder really wanted to do during their visit was to go apple picking in the Annapolis Valley. Seeing as that’s where we now live, the idea didn’t pose a problem. I choose to visit Dempsey Corner Orchards based on positive reviews from our friends, S and ML, when they visited a few weeks ago (they also brought us an apple crisp from there for dessert one night – nummy!). Thus, on October 2nd, Iain experienced his first day of apple picking. Well, he experienced his first time watching people pick apples. I was a bit concerned about apples falling on his head as the adults were picking so either myself or Grandma held him out from under the tree canopies.

It was a little rough on the road up to the historical orchard section where we were picking. Therefore, Iain’s stroller was commandeered as a basket for bags of apples while Iain himself was transported via mother or Grandma. He seemed happy about the whole arrangement. Iain loves lying back and looking at the leaves.

In this picture, he looks like he’s doing some kind of funky dance of happiness!

There is something quintessentially romantic and right about visiting an apple orchard in the fall. Fall is my most favourite of seasons. I love the rich, warm colours. The greens, browns and reds of the orchard were beautiful, as was the pumpkin patch that I managed to find.

I love pumpkin patches. I may get me one of those for myself next year (a patch as well as pumpkins).

Meme fulfilled. Check.


JustApril said...

Those are great pics. I'm so jealous of all the bloggers picking apples, it's too hot for apple trees here =( --another reason to defect to Canada-- Iain looks totally interested in all the goings on there - lol too cute

Samantha said...

Awesome! Thanks for participating!! Iain is freakin' adorable!! I love that picture of him. :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of my self-portraits were squinty too. It's not an easy task The last one is a really great shot!!
I love apple picking, we are already out of apples and I am considering a second round.

Renee said...

Great pics, all of 'em. That baby of yours is so cute I get all mushy every time I see him.

Sarah said...

I hope we have some good farm weather this weekend for our pumpkin/apple picking trip. Your pictures make me want to rush out there now.

I love the self portrait.

Alisha said...

Great self portraits of yourself and that baby you got there is a cutie!!!