Monday, October 15, 2007

News Flash

I’m going home! I’ve booked a flight with Westjet from Halifax to St. John’s, departing tomorrow, Tuesday (16 October 2007), returning Thursday (25 October 2007). I am also, frankly, terrified.

I was intending on taking the camper and driving Iain, Para and I home. After three crossings from North Sydney/Port aux Basques involving various family members (parents and one brother and SIL), Mudder was not recommending that I take the ferry. In a word: seasickness. Although neither crossing was rough enough for the travellers to be afraid, they do not suffer from that embarrassing malady. I, however, really, really do. It might be difficult to care for a 3.5 month old and be…ahem…sick in a worshipping the toilets of Marine Atlantic kind of way.

I was going to try it on my own. Really I was. I have the route planned out, the van is in the garage for a tune up as I type, and I’d already decided which friends and family to visit over and back on my drive across the island. However, I weighed the 3 days worth of driving (it’s 5 hours from here to the ferry, 6 – 7 hours on the ferry on a good day, and a 12 hour drive to Upper Gullies where my parents house is located) with 3 hours of airline travel (factoring in checking in, security, boarding, the flight itself and disembarking) and flying won out. That and the fact that DH had a credit with Westjet from last fall after a small incident with him flying to Alberta and his luggage staying in Ottawa.

Why am I terrified? I am worried about Iain’s ears. DH has assured me that the pressure in Iain’s ears will eventually clear themselves naturally even if he does end up being really bothered by them. Eventually. It’s a 1.5 hour flight so I figure even I (my apologies to the other passengers) can deal with 1.5 hours of screaming if I have to. However, I still worry. I have chosen Tuesday to Thursday flights in hopes that I will get some space in the seats to ourselves. Worrying is just the prerogative of a mother, I suppose.

My more immediate worry today, however, is that I still need to pack!

If you do not here from me for a couple of weeks, you now know why. Here’s a little glimpse into a typical day to tide you over until we get back. No, n’ar accent on me at’all! I apologize for the 'side viewing'. I changed the orientation on my system but, for some reason, it downloads sideways in Blogger. I might get a chance to fix it when DH comes home...


And, in knitting news, my FIL (father-in-law) facilitated me getting my mystery FO in the mail yesterday. Hurrah! I will provide more details and photos when the recipient receives it. It turns out that I had two mystery WIPs on the go – who knew? – and I will also blog about that when I get back to NS as I’m hand delivering that one when I get home. Iain’s wee pumpkin hat is also on the needles and is quickly knitting up whenever I get the chance to actually knit.


Elizabeth said...

If you nurse him during take off and landing he shouldn't have a problem. I flew with both my little ones while they were nursing infants and never had a problem with their ears :) Good Luck! Have a great trip!

JustApril said...

I was going to suggest the same thing as Elizabeth. Another great plus for nursing, there's almost always a way to stop the crying =) Hope you have a great trip!

Renee said...

Ditto. I've never had trouble with either of the girls. When they were wee like Iain I would nurse them and now I give them some juice but even without that stuff they seem to do fine.

I, of course, love the accent and I have to say that I make the exact same 'tika, tika, tika" sound when I tickle the kids.

Have fun at home! I'm soooo jealous.

Kristin said...

Hope you got that nap in! I flew with Clarabel at 9 months and it went fine. Do you have a snuggli or bjorn carrier? Bring it on with you, very handy to get to the bathroom or in case you have to march up and down the aisles.
Have a great trip.

Sarah said...

Yes, nursing helped when we flew with a little one. Though it didn't really bother her as much as it bothers my husband. Wasn't even a tear shed (by her, my husband complains the whole take off and landing—good grief!). The flight attendants are usually really helpful when you have little ones too. Don't feel guilty about not driving. Best to go the quickest route while Iain is so wee.
Have a wonderful trip and kiss a cod for me. Yes, I would be naive enough to fall for that one.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Patty

I was going to suggest what Elizabeth said ~ the suckling action of nursing helps to clear a baby's ears...

You have a lovely blog. Enjoy your trip home.

Drop by and see me when you get back. I enjoy knitting when I have the time and cross-stich.

Marie x

Yarnhog said...

Yup. Nurse during take-off and landing, and take a spare pacifier if you use one. The sucking clears their ears. And the droning motion and noise of the plane always put mine to sleep, too.

Samantha said...

It sounds like you got some really good tips from everyone else. Have a safe flight! Love Iain's cute smile. :)

Alisha said...

I hope your trip goes well. Have fun!!