Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Small Piece of Humble Pie

Dear Designer,

I must apologise. After all, you are a designer and I am, merely, a knitter. Therefore, it was completely inexcusable for me to consider making a small change to your hat pattern. It was such a small change, you see, that I never even gave it a second thought.

I still occasionally struggle with DPNs. You may remember a similar struggle yourself many stitches ago. Therefore, when I reached the part of your pattern that told me to change colour, I thought, to myself,

"Self, why not start that colour change a little earlier? After all, the stem of a real pumpkin doesn’t just start like that. The stem grows from small green spot on the very top of the pumpkin. If I changed from orange to green a little earlier on the hat, I wouldn’t have as much trouble as I would be working with 20 stitches as opposed to 9 on DPNs. Brilliant! Why didn’t the designer think of that?!?" I’m sure you did think of that, dear designer. After all, when looking down at my wee one’s head, what does starting the colour change earlier result in this looking like to you?

Apparently my general lobby for a third…ahem…breast (long story involving a newborn with his mother’s appetite…) has been answered.

I sit humbled before your superior wisdom and intellect.


A Humbled Fibreholic

PS I did manage, however, to get this wee hat finished a full one and a half weeks before Halloween so that my wee one could enjoy being the epitome of cuteness (new Patty word). Yeehaw!


JustApril said...

Gosh he's cute. I say that every time, but he really really is SO cute. Love the smiles =)

Kristin said...

Cuteness indeed! It doesn't look too nippley in the picture. Matches the carseat.

Renee said...

I always say he's cute too but I can't resist. I think the hat is sweet!

Samantha said...

He is so so so so adorable! Nice changes to the hat. I like it. :)

Sarah said...

Aha the nefarious third nipple. Who doesn't need one of those! Still it looks wonderful.

Elizabeth said...

he is the epitome of cuteness!! and I think your re-design looks just fine, it's not like it's flesh colored LOL

How was the trip? Any problems during the flight?

Alisha said...

I am dying over your post. It looks slightly nipple like but not so much and more so cause you said so and the whole thrid boob thing. Tears in my eyes!

That baby of yours is adorable and so is that hat!!