Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Picture Diary, Part One

When one doesn't have knitting content to show you, one turns to cute baby photos. I do have an FO to show you soon but, as I would like to also show you a beautiful model as well, you're going to have to wait a bit longer.

Rather than knitting, I thought I'd give you a glimpse as to why my blog entries have been on the wane lately. Here is a couple of weeks in pictures, just for you!

Here's Iain on Tuesday evening, February 5th:

On Monday, February 11th, we had a snow day here. Here's what a snow day looks like at our house in Nova Scotia. Here is Mommy and her baby watching the events outside (this is also my favourite picture of Iain and I to date):

Here's what is happening outside. This gentleman, who also happens to be the grandfather of one of Iain's wee playmates, is a Godsend! Every time it snows, in he comes with his tractor to clear the drive way for us! Get this - he does it for free because he 'enjoys it'. Now that's a small town advantage!

On Wednesday, February 13, all of that lovely snow melted and we had this problem.

Yes, that's water pouring in from around our chimney. Yes, our gas insert fireplace has sustained some damage (it's turned on in the picture in a desperate attempt to dry things up). The hardwood floor and basement also sustained some damage. Yes, that bucket is filling quickly - about 12 minutes a bucket full. DH ended up on the roof with a blow torch (no, I'm not joking) and buckets of hot water to melt the ice dam that he believes was causing the problem. No, the roofing company has not made it over to remedy the situation. Yes, DH is now away and we're going through another melt/freeze cycle. Good. Times.

On February 17th, I finished this:

Okay, I lied. I am giving you a preview of my FO! I'm very proud, what can I say? More details to follow when I get pictures of the recipient modelling her pressie!


JustApril said...

aaawwww he's crawling and exploring and all that comes with it! lol It's so funny how you look forward to those milestones with such innocence as to how much you'll be chasing them ever after. I love the mom/baby pic! SO sweet! Sorry about the melty issues and damage =( Hope it gets sorted out for you real soon.

...Sarah said...

The birthday hat is adorable.
Iain is such a happy looking little guy and his dimples are too cute!

I really hope your house dries out quickly. We too are awaiting all the thaw surprises we know are lurking outside our home. We are aware of a low spot that collects water at a corner of our house and is the likely cause of some high moisture readings.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed a HUGE bummer.

The birthday hat is great.

Samantha said...

Crawling? No! He needs to cut that out right now! You know what's next, right? Walking! And Ethan is in line to do the crawling thing next. *pout*

Great hat!

My Dad is that "small town" guy where my parents live with his tractor and snow blower. He doesn't expect anything for his services, but once in awhile someone will bring him something ... a case of beer from one guy. LOL

Alisha said...

If your little guy got any cuter I think I would burst. What a gem!

Snow days for me equal all day in jammie bottoms. I love snow days.

I alos love neighbours/friends who snow blow for me!