Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Little Bit of This and A Bit of That

Thanks so much to everyone for your helpful answers to my knitting questions! It’s so nice to have a group of experts to call upon in times of need. I have used all of your suggestions and am busily working on that organic cotton swatch. I have yet to cast on for that project as next in line for the swatch is to bind it off and wash it. My excuse was that I was waiting for our laundry sink plumbing to be installed; an outstanding project from when we put in new counter tops. While Iain and I ran errands today, DH got some quality fix it time and the sink is now in working order – yeah! Not only can I wash my swatch but also all those other large items that I don’t like washing out in the kitchen (rubber boot mats, screens, etc).

Things have been a bit strained around Chez Fibreholic I’m afraid. All three (well, the three that are out of the knitting closet…) knitting projects on the needles needed frogging. I have just managed to get to Chase and fix his heel flap. I’m now turning his heel. I decided earlier this week that, as my knitting was going so badly, I would go back to something I know how to do without thinking too much about it. Remember this? Well, it still needs to be backstitched – my second most disliked portion of cross stitch only beaten by my first dislike - working with metallic filament thread. However, this project is not at a stage where I can mess it up easily so back to cross-stitching I went. It’s been quite cathartic.

I have also been sewing a bit in my basement (I made a path through the boxes down there…). There’s a birthday coming up that I’m using as a deadline to get motivated. The project is working up nicely (thanks for all of your help with it, Aunt J!) and I will post pictures once it has been properly gifted, received, exclaimed over, etc.

I realise my posts about home have been rather ‘Iain-centred’ recently. Here are our cats to even the score a bit.

Here’s Tobi enjoying my mohair shawl.

This is a new hiding spot for her. She’s right next to the heady scent of 100% wool and organic cotton stored in the basket next to her.

And here are both Tobi and Checkers enjoying some gorgeous sun beams on our dining room rug. It’s 100% wool too. There seems to be a theme in this house ;).

The weather this week was amazing in the Annapolis Valley. I managed to garden and raked leaves out of the front garden (I use leaves in the fall to act as a protective winter cover for low lying plants). I also raked most of the leaves from the three gardens next to the house and shed (the lawn and back garden have LOTS left to be done). One of the shrubs has been pruned (my first time doing this and I am ridiculously proud of myself), the crocuses are up and in bloom and the tulips are on their way. Iain, Para and I have been heartily enjoying the chance to be outside in lovely weather. I have gotten back to hanging out my laundry in the spring breezes – only stymied today by the rain – and ate my lunch on the back deck once this week as well. It will soon be time to put out the deck furniture.

Here’s hoping this weekend finds you knitting up storm! I am sending out positive knitterly vibes through the Internet…


Renee said...

Be sure to post a photo of that cross stitch when you get it done. I think it is going to be faboo. I always hated backstitch too but I did find that it really transformed a piece (I haven't touched cross stitch since I was pregnant with Claire and my newly budding maternal instincts told me to finish something to hang in her room. Never got done).

...Sarah said...

I am excited to see a photo of your Queen of Hearts nursing sweater. I was also impressed about your using receiving blanket for hankies. I am always pleased to see other ecoholics. I just read 100-mile diet and feel inspired to try (though I am unwilling to give up olive oil until a local source turns up).

I was thinking of using hankies around the house and saving kleenex for die-hards. I think everyone who visits should bring their own hankie so I don't have to launder one for them. SO you are inspiring me!