Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Rare Night Indeed

I’m sitting here at the computer, alone. Yes, you read that right: alone. DH and baby have gone to bed. DH attended a Mess Dinner last night (that’s a fancy dress event where military members wear the equivalent of a tuxedo, get to eat good food and, usually, drink a bit too much). He strolled in around 0230 hrs this morning (self-reported – we were not up to greet him, thank goodness!), which means he is a wee bit tired tonight. Iain is off to bed a whole two hours earlier than last night. Hopefully this means he has fully adjusted to the time change – yeah!

Therefore, with a bit of an evening to myself, I have to admit to being at a loss. This is the first time this has happened in, oh, about nine months. Likely I’m going to spend so much time thinking "Well, I could do this. And I have enough time to do that…" that I will while the evening away without much to show for it. I have already spent an hour downstairs working on a quilt for somebody special. That time bit was supposed to be my hour ‘off’ and then I was going to take Iain for the rest of the evening. I’m getting a sitter in tomorrow so that I can sew more so I’m thinking I’d like to do something else tonight instead. Iain allowed me to bake cookies earlier so the baking urge has passed. The housework is at a point where I do not feel pressed to do anything tonight (egad!).

What to do, what to do?!? Oh! I know! There’s a television with Season Three of Battlestar Gallactica primed and ready to go plus a couple of knitting projects waiting for me upstairs…

Ain't life grand?!?

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