Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Blomidon Kind of Canada Day

It was one of those days that start off mediocre and ends up quite nicely. It was hot and humid in Middleton again on Canada Day. You know, the kind of day when you need to change your towel because it hasn’t seemed to have dried out properly from the day/week before? I have to admit to spending the day inside, trying not to move too much. We do not have A/C in this house as heat and humidity tend to only last a couple of weeks (versus four to five months in Ottawa). However, that does not mean that I am going to find those two weeks enjoyable. I did not even get out for a run as I deemed it too warm. For sun-lovers, though, it was a spectacular day.

Unfortunately, despite the heat and humidity, I needed to go to the beach at Blomidon Provincial Park to pick up a few things required for the centrepieces for the family reunion (I won’t go into details as family members might actually be reading and I want them to be surprised. It’s not a fancy option, just an unexpectedly natural way to decorate). Blomidon is about an hour drive from our place and, as we were bringing Para, there was some discussion about whether or not to take the van due to its roomy nature. However, the van does not have A/C. No A/C = no Patty so off we all went in the car.

I hemmed and hawed all day about needing to leave for Blomidon as it was just too darn hot to get ready or to drive. Luckily, DH was quite content to enjoy being around the house – a real treat when you work as long hours as he does. However, we really should have left the house earlier. When we got to the Cape, picnic ready and primed for a short walk on the beach, it was gorgeous. The air was fresh and lots of swimmers were coming up from a day at the beach. The next time it’s hot in the valley, you can be sure where to find me!

On our way, we stopped into KFC for our picnic supper (no, not healthy but hot, sultry days just scream fried chicken to me. Come on, I know I’m not the only one!) and strawberries at a roadside stand. Iain had never had strawberries in their true form before (strawberry flavoured yogourt – spelled the Canadian way - does not count).

I think I caught some gorgeous shots of DH and Iain during our picnic supper.

And here we are down on the beach in New Minas basin (the end of the Bay of Fundy) with part of Cape Blomidon in the distance.

We surely do live in a beautiful part of the country.

The sweater? I am still sewing in bloody ends. I was working on it in the car ride to Blomidon but gave it up when I started to get car sick as we pulled off the highway and onto secondary roads. I do not get car sick often but can when I’m hungry. A drumstick of chicken may have been harmed in an attempt to find a solution to my problem…


Samantha said...

I love pictures of Daddies and their children. There is something very special about them. Your boys are no exception to the rule.

I don't have AC in my house either (except in the bedrooms) so we spend a lot of time outside too. Thankfully we have a little (12' round) pool for lounging in.

Yarnhog said...

Great pictures! They sure are a couple of handsome guys.

Lydee said...

beautiful, beautiful pics! so precious! enjoy that beach on those hot days. i love my AC, but then, we have humidity all summer...