Friday, June 05, 2009

The Five Hour Sweater

You might want to sit down for this one because Fibreholic has an FO! A KNITTED FO no less!

After knitting three dishcloths, I decided I might be ready to commit to something a little more intense. I was taken with a sweater entitled ‘The Five Hour Sweater’ on Ravelry (love that site. Too bad I visit it so infrequently). I thought to myself,

“Self? Do you think you can dedicate five hours to pulling something together for the new baby?”

But even as I accepted the challenge, I was not bold enough to assume I could actually knit this sweater in only five hours. And, I didn’t. However, I did start and finish it in 16 days. For me and my limited (and interrupted) knitting time, that really isn’t too shabby. Here are the details.

Five Hour Sweater pattern available for free here (and, before you get all excited, ignore the "Baby Boy Five Hour Sweater" title. I intentionally knit the sweater in a lovely neutral colour and happen to like buttons on the side I placed this one on because it is easier for this new Mommy to do up on a newborn! I still don't know more than you do...).

Materials Used:

Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton

I used 1 skein plus a bit of another because I decided to make my sweater longer than the pattern called for. In fact, I believe the yarn I used is likely a larger worsted weight than called for in the pattern but the sweater seems proportionate to me.

Time to complete: May 19 to June 4th (yes, I was holding out on you. With so many unfinished objects in my house, I was too shy to say that I was starting something else new!).

I think it’s cute, soft, soft, soft and am thrilled that I will have something Mommy-made for the new baby!

Here's a little video of what Iain and Para were doing in our backyard yesterday afternoon to tide you over until I get a chance to post again. Enjoy!

Note: In case you really wanted to see Iain and his new words from this post, I finally managed to get it uploaded to YouTube. As I mentioned before, it is a long one.


Elizabeth said...

Such a sweet, sweet knit Patty. And good on you - that is stellar time considering all you have on the go (I never believe that 'weekend' or 'x hour' stuff anyways)! There is truly something so special about knitting for baby.

Eileen said...

There are actually two five hour baby sweaters available one is more fru fru with some simple eyelet lace at the top and the other is the boy sweater you saw. Don't have a url for the other one but if you're interested I can email it to you.

Yarnhog said...

It's a lovely sweater!

I made a baby sweater in that yarn for a friend, and it held up beautifully, too.

JustApril said...

Great little sweater! I may have to try doing one of those. It's a baby epidemic around here (not me) The video is SO sweet. I love his little laugh.

Alisha said...

I love the sweater!

My speakers are shot on the computer....need a new pair so I could only watch the dog and bubbles...too cute!