Thursday, June 04, 2009

More June News From Here

A few weekends ago, my neighbour had a great garage sale with lots of larger children’s play items. I went a little crazy but, hey, I’m getting too uncomfortable to be out at o’dark early scoping out garage sales. Getting up and over to her drive way within 15 minutes is much more my style! Amongst the loot collected were a Little Tikes kitchen set (Iain LOVES it and it even cut short his outdoor play time for the week as he kept wanting to come back in the house to cook!), a grocery cart, a doll and stroller, and a Little Tikes picnic table.

Here he is taking such good care of his new baby that my heart just melts.

The bear on top of the doll is his special bear put there because his baby needed it, according to Iain. DH and I figured him having a doll would be a great introduction to the concept of a real live baby living at our house. At just below two years of age, he does not understand everything that my expanding waistline entails. However, just today he strolled in with his baby and told me that he needed to wash her bottom, like we do with him for diaper changes. He is adorable (and I am truly biased!).

DH was away the week before we left for NL and he put me on a mission to catch pictures of Iain in a few of the variety of hats he has to play with. I fell short on that project (but you did get to see Iain in his Santa hat in the previous picture) but here he is showing off his ‘say cheese’ silly face in his ball cap.

He is really funny when he is wearing a ball cap or his sun hat as he insists on wearing it right down over his eyes. Therefore, you see him doing this a lot:

One event that DH missed (and greatly regretted) while he was away was an airshow held at CFB Greenwood dedicated to the Centennial of Flight celebrations this year. It was Iain’s first airshow and, as he is very taken with airplanes, I just had to take him. Despite the walk from the parking lot to the show itself, I managed alright with Iain usually contained in his stroller (he runs way too fast for me to catch right now and the crowds were big!).

Here he is flying his first airplane:

Iain and I sharing our picnic blanket with friends.

We watched The Snowbirds and the CF-18 show from this spot. The Snowbirds snuck up on us and were loud so Iain spent their show buried in my shoulder. However, I heard the fighter jets coming beforehand and was able to cover his ears in time for him to not be too startled and to watch the show, as long as my hands were clamped tight over his ears. I noticed other parents had brought big ear defenders for their children. A great idea for future airshows.

Iain and one of Daddy’s airplanes (an Aurora).

“Look! A helicopter!”

I didn't think I would fit in and out of the doorway of this aircraft (an older airplane called an Anson) so one of my friends took him in for me. It was all fun and games for Iain until he realised that he wasn't going to be able to go 'up in sky' for a ride! Luckily, with an airplane trip that Sunday, I was able to appease him by promising a trip 'up in sky' in the near future!

The aircraft that started it all: the replica of The Silver Dart.

One of the things that I really like about Iain is that he always wants to help. One of the things that drives me the craziest about Iain is that he always wants to help! On another day a couple of weeks ago, he decided to brush up the ‘mink’ (his word for ‘pink’. He was running around that morning, in his PJ’s no less, crying “Mink fall! Mink fall!”) blossoms from our apple tree.

Note the ever present dishcloth in his hand…

I had to add this one. Proof that Iain does get dressed when he is outside on occasion. My little Sunshine Boy!

There, you are now up to date.


Elizabeth said...

I love a loaded post full pictures! Looks like lots of Spring fun and you are absolutely glowing.

JustApril said...

Looks like great fun. OH and I love the picture in the post before of the view from your mom's house. So beautiful.

Yarnhog said...

What great pictures!

My husband is a pilot and aerospace engineer-turned-lawyer. We live only a few minutes from Miramar Naval--oops, now Marine Corps--Airstation and its famous air show. He's taken the kids several times. Fortunately, it's in my marriage contract that I don't have to attend air shows, monster truck rallies, or anything involving boats. :)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You guys look great! We have to make time to get together soon for a visit. I haven't seen you in ages!

Alisha said...

Looks like he was having a blast! Such a little man "flying" that plane!