Friday, March 19, 2010

Ready and Waiting

I think the first time I saw clothes for sale in what I considered to be a grocery store was at a Tesco in the UK. At the time, I thought of it as a quirky cultural difference between the UK and Canada. The first time I saw the same type of set up in Canada, it irritated me. I do not know why but it did. Mudder tells me that it still irritates her.

Then I had children. Now, the concept of picking up clothing etc at the same place I have to go with the kids to get groceries seems imminently sensible.

Especially when said items are cute.

Here are the boys’ 2010 puddle jumpin’ boots.

Hello? Spring? We’re ready (and, guaranteed, that should bring on the last end of the season snow storm that I’ve been waiting for!)!


marit said...

I want boots like that too-LOL!!!

JustApril said...

I need to find 6 pairs of those! OH the mud