Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Firsts and Finishes

First foods:

First time feeding himself:

First time in a shopping cart:

Last time in his infant car seat:

Last time trying to carry him in his infant car seat (Holy crap is he ever heavy?!? My wrists, back and shoulders are screaming in this picture):

First shared kiss with The Baby in the Mirror:

First time playing cards with Grandma at our new house (Iain is a good little Newfoundland and Labradorian. He can already tell the difference between the different suits):

First identifiable crane that Iain has made with playdough:

First toe up sock:


marit said...

Adorable kids!!! They just grow up too soon...

Great socks too. I've finally figured out how to knit a proper toe-up sock, with a short-row heel, but it took me a couple of years!

Yarnhog said...

Oh my gosh! They're both getting so big! They're adorable as heck, too. Are you loving being back home? I'm so glad you're back to the blog; I've missed you!

Renee said...

Yup. Teach 'em to play cards young. My brother in law could count up his hand in cribbage before he went to Kindergarten.

The boys are adorable. Glad to see you back.

Samantha said...

Great firsts!!