Thursday, January 21, 2010

The View From Here

Warning: This is a seriously picture heavy post.

When I first found Marit’s blog, I thought she must have, and continues to have, one of the best views from her house that I have yet to find on the Internet, let alone in knitting blogdom. I know I found Marit’s knitting blog through another knitting blog though I cannot remember which one at the moment. I seriously consider packing it all up and moving to Norway each time she posts a new view picture. Have a look for yourself - I will wait patiently while you go check it out. Back? I didn’t lie, did I?!? Can you imagine waking up to that each morning?

In September when the deal on the first house fell through, several people assured me that that only meant that the next one we found would be even better. I had a hard time believing that at the time. Turns out there was a very silver lining in our cloud. Here is the view from any window in the front and front right side of our house.


The view on the inside is not as nice.

I should be embarrassed to post this picture but our stuff arrived a week ago and I only managed to get most of our belongings under one roof on Tuesday. Those are my excuses anyways. Piles of stuff around does mean that lots of boxes have been opened and put aside. It’s the putting away that is killing me right now.

We were due for a snow storm yesterday (and we got it) and the weather on Wednesday was simply too beautiful to ignore. Knowing that we likely wouldn’t be able to get out on Thursday (and we didn’t) I ignored the unpacking and Para and I took the boys for a small hike. As you can probably tell, Iain was thrilled with the idea:

Aidan seemed up for it too:

Our house is situated just across the road from the East Coast trail (if that sounds familiar, it is because the first house we ‘bought’ in September was also similarly situated). We also live on the better side of the road for young children as this section of the trail is bordered by sheer cliff. Sheer cliff does make for spectacular views though and that is certainly what our neighbours across the street have. And, don’t worry. We were very, very careful on our walk.

Most of the trail along this section follows a grassy field with enough room for vehicles to drive on so there was plenty of room for our little convoy without worrying about one of us going for a plunge.

I am terrified of heights and it was safe enough for me to feel comfortable.

The possibility of these types of views out our front window is one of the reasons we moved home.

Iain had a blast and Aidan is really enjoying the new wagon Grandpa D gave him and Iain from Lee Valley.

It is a great little wagon and has already allowed us to get to a bunch of places that are inaccessible to us with the stroller.

The wheels are rubber and fantastic on rough roads. They can also be swapped out for skis when there is enough snow. I hope to try out that option soon.

Here is a cute brother shot as Iain gives his slumbering little brother a kiss.

Shortly thereafter, giving-up-on-his-naps-boy climbed in the wagon on top of his brother (I shifted Aidan around so that he wasn’t too squished) and ‘let’ Mommy pull both of them back up to the top of the hill and home while he drifted off into an almost slumber. A bit of a work out and, turns out, not nearly as difficult as I had thought at the bottom.



marit said...

Hi, Patty, you're welcome any day!
Thank you so much for your nice words on my blog- seriously, you have an amazing view yourself!!! What a beautiful place to live in! I hope you get settled soon, moving is really exhausting! Cute boys, and fun stories, I've been sitting here smiling and reading a bit..;-)
Take care, and try to find some time to do something just for YOU in the middle of decluttering/settling in!

Renee said...

From now till eternity just include a random comment from me expressing my jealousy. Ok?

Seriously though...congratulations. Your place looks AMAZING! We're going home for 5 weeks in the summer, if we head to 'town' we'll have to meet up.

Samantha said...

Holy view batman! I'm green with envy! Congratulations. :) It looks like you're settling in well. :)

...Sarah said...

Congrats on the new house! The view is spectacular. Actually congrats on baby number 2 too! Coincidentally I am writing to you beneath my two babes (under them because they are nursing/half asleep) --a boy and girl born 5 weeks early on July 22, same age as Aiden.

I check in from time to time and I am glad to see you are doing so well

JustApril said...

GORGEOUS pictures all - I esp love the peeking out from under all the blankies in the wagon - so sweet!
I'm so happy for your family and your new picturesque setting =)