Monday, September 04, 2006


All good things must come to an end and that seems to be the way of this long weekend. We had a lovely trip down to the Adirondack's in our van. This is a picture of our 1988 camper van taken at a lovely campsite in Quebec on the way back from our Newfoundland and Labrador trip this summer.

The trip to the mountains took about 3.25 hours from Kanata to Rollins Pond Campground where we stayed in site # 39. Rollins Pond is about 30 minutes from Lake Placid and we drove out past Lake Placid on Saturday to go hiking. Not much school work got done on Saturday but I did manage to start and finish Yarn Harlot's Secret Life of a Knitter between the Friday evening drive and the time I squeezed it in on Saturday. I was so happy to see this book at the library on Friday - I had been on the waiting list for months! As luck would have it, Knitting Rules was also waiting for me and I'm finding it very hard to resist when I'm supposed to be studying!

It rained off and on on Sunday but stayed dry long enough for me to get one assignment completed out on the picnic table. I was rendering (rendering in 'design speak' means sketching and colouring with markers, pencil crayons, graphite and conté) and the markers are very strong so it was nice to be out in the fresh air while I was using them. The natural light was an added bonus.

To prove my ability to stay committed to school work while camping, here's a picture of me in our camper on Sunday night. I was bundled up (recognize the hat?) while researching for a presentation on Roman architecture due next week. What a good girl!

In knitting news, the yarn store in Lake Placid does not carry Kureyon anymore so I'm still on the hunt for Noro BIG Kureyon. Any suggestions on this predicament, anyone? The lady at the shop said that it might not be being sold anymore. Eek! I know I can use another bulky wool but I really like the variations that Kureyon would give me.

I also managed to get MANY ends sewn into my sweater (see August 25th post) in my continuing efforts to have it move to the FO pile instead of the WIP pile. I really wanted to wear it this weekend as I found it a little chilly. It's really too bad I learned how to splice wool only half way through that sweater. I seemed to have an inordinate number of ends to sew in. Off to do more research and not a stitch knitted this weekend - does sewing in ends count as knitting???


Samantha said...

It sounds like a fabulous trip! :) Great camper. My dh would loooove to have something like that. :)

Renee said...

My LYS doesn't carry Big Keuryon either. I'll keep my eyes open for it at the Knitter's Fair on the weekend though.

Your assignment sounds like fun! Art supplies......mmmmmmmm.