Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hi again! I wanted to apologize to Elizabeth who commented on the blog on AUGUST 29TH and I ignored her! I missed her comment entirely. I'm so sorry. Elizabeth was asking about my hat posting. It's from Shelridge Farms (for some reason, blogger won't let me hyperlink this. Their address is: www.shelridge.com) and is their 'Rainbow Hat'. I loved knitting it and there is lots of wool in the kit. For example, even though I knit this pattern for adults, I managed to get two adult hats out of their kit with wool still leftover.

So, hopefully you will visit again, Elizabeth, even though I ignored you for so long. You taught me something: how to adjust my settings so that comments are sent to me automagically - thanks for that!

For anyone else out there in the blogosphere, I also think I changed my comments so that you can post a comment to my site without registering with blogger.com (this is for you, Faith!). Someone tell me if that feature now works (you need to be someone NOT registered with blogger). So, go ahead and try to leave me a new comment. Thanks!


Elizabeth said...

You, my dear, can take as loooonnng as you want posting to my silly question! Thank you so much for answering!!! I'm off to check out their site with much excitment! having just moved to Vermont I need hats for myself and kiddies! Good Luck with school, knitting and staying sane with drafting... shudder!

Elizabeth said...

Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the hat kit and I'm hoping it'll provide enough yarn to do 2 kids and an adult ( I promise we won't all wear them at once!)Loved the site! Thanks so much for letting me know where you got it!

Samantha said...

Thanks Patty -- I look forward to getting your square. :)