Thursday, September 28, 2006


I’m off to Toronto for a night, returning late tomorrow night. IDEX (the Interior Designers Exhibition) is on in Toronto this week and students are highly encouraged to go. A couple of classmates and I went last year and really enjoyed ourselves. We’re going again this year but spending the night with the relatives of one of my friends so that we don’t have to drive 8+ hours in one day. It should be a great girls road trip. We head off today after class.

Unfortunately, I will be in the city of amazing yarn stores and likely won’t have time to darken the door of any! Very sad. On the drive down and back however, I’m planning on getting some knitting done so hope to have an increased section of my mystery project to show you when I return. The Noro Kureyon in my knitting basket is beckoning but I’m trying to ignore it until I’ve made great inroads in my mystery project.

I sent off block number two for Annette’s Blanket to Samantha this week. Congratulations by the way, Samantha! It looks as though your 72 block goal is almost realised!

I know, I'm a bad blogger today - no pictures! But really. Is it about the pictures or the knitting?


Samantha said...

Your square arrived today ... it is square #71! Woohoo! Thanks. :)

Renee said... should have extended it into the weekend. We could have yarn crawled. That would have been a hoot and a half!