Friday, October 20, 2006


Yes, I’m procrastinating about work. That and I want to say a special thank you to Renee and Aprilynne for being so supportive and sweet. Thanks, you two!

I also wanted to ask Elizabeth how those Shelridge Farm hats are going?

Here is more enticing information about that big trip I mentioned yesterday. SD had his tickets booked through work as this is a business trip for him. Seeing as work is paying for his airfare and accommodations, there was no way he was going without me – particularly to this spot! And really, with this being a work trip and all, even though it is SO expensive to fly there from here, it’s 50% off because we don’t have to pay for two airfares.

Therefore, I just spent three, literally, hours on the telephone booking my tickets. The good news is that, thanks to being on hold on the ‘speaker’ option so that I could knit and use my neck in the morning, I now have only 9 – read that NINE – rows left on the sleeve of my mystery project! The bad news is that this is all the yarn that I have left and I still have two button bands and a collar, with a ruffle, to knit out of it. Something tells me I’m not going to make it…inherited stash yarn too. Darn it.

So what is the destination for the big trip? I’ll give you a hint – send me a comment with your guess (no letting the cat out of the bag for those who are already in the know): rumour has it that there are more sheep in this location than people…


JustApril said...

You're welcome =)*)

I'll comment for real later, I'm too tired for real talking ;))

Anonymous said...

NEW ZEALAND!! Have a fabulous time!!! it is a beautiful country I was there about 15 years ago.. and yes, there are many more sheep than people! Take yarn $$. Will you be on the North or South Island? They are both beautiful!

I have the hats, have not started the hats, but am in possession of all items needed to start, I'm ankle deep in an afghan, socks, and a scarf...once the afghan and scarf are done it's on to the hats. The socks are my first pair knitted and for me so they always get pushed to the back, poor socks.

Renee said...

I was gonna guess New Zealand too. Maybe Ireland. They have a lot of sheep too, don't they?

JustApril said...

Must be Australia, if I had to make a wild hypothesis =)