Thursday, October 12, 2006


Will…blog….again…soon. Desperate drafting calls for desperate measures (and late hours). Knitting news will come eventually – the mystery project made some progress over the Thanksgiving weekend – yeah! However, I was a good girl and read and worked on a couple of my courses on the drive down and back and only knit when we were chatting at my aunt and uncle's house. I also passed on a game of cards (cards! Can you believe it? A Newfoundland and Labradorian passing on a game of cards!?! She must have had serious knitting or hadn’t knit in so long it almost killed her..). Instead, I disrupted the 6 person game of Euchre by chatting with the players. It made for some amusing hands!


JustApril said...

Did you know you were one of the winners of the contest yet?

Renee said...

See, you need to move down this way so we can all get together and play cards. Yeah, and knit too.