Friday, February 23, 2007


Okay, folks, here I am! Big belly, big chest (for me – ha!) and, apparently, a bit of a big hair day yesterday as well. This is five months worth. I just entered week 23 on Wednesday. Although you can barely see them, I just purchased the maternity jeans I’m wearing in this photo on Monday and I’m am in love. I’m into consignment stores for my maternity clothes and, thus far, have scored very well (see my black t-shirt in the picture as an example) for tops and one dress. However, I have been finding it hard to find pants that fit me at the consignment stores (something to do with the fact that my arse (can you say ‘arse’ on a blog?) is rounding out as much as my tummy). Now I have two pairs suitable for wearing outside the house. We won’t go into what I’m usually wearing around this place but lets just say I won’t open the door to strangers!

I made a mistake yesterday. I went to my LYS. Yes, I’ve been avoiding it. I’m very paranoid about this baby and have only just begun picking up small things here and there as I was afraid of jinxing the whole experience. Anyway, I decided to get my little pregnant body up to my LYS and go looking. I ended up buying yarn for a baby outfit. Naturally I didn’t just buy yarn and will have to post a picture of the two patterns that I also bought yesterday.

Here’s the Mission Falls cotton that I bought for a little baby hat and cardigan. The baby is due in June and I’m knitting it small in hopes that it will be suitable for summer and/or early fall.

Here is the book that I’m using for the hat and cardie pattern.

Here is the pattern. Isn’t it too cute for words? The yarn called for in the pattern is a Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran so my version won’t drape quite as well as in the picture but I’m hoping that it will be nice anyways. I hope cotton isn’t too harsh for little baby skin – what do you think?

I have got to be one of the loosest knitters on the planet so here is swatch number one, a full ½ a needle size smaller and…

Here is swatch number two, a full needle size smaller than the pattern calls for, which turns out to be just right for me.

The other thing the helpful ladies up at my LYS helped me with (thanks, Joanne!) was to design a baby blanket. I had seen one that my aunt did for her grandson and really liked it so asked here for the pattern. However, either she sent me the wrong pattern (sorry, Aunt J, I’m sure this is my fault) or, more likely, the pattern that I received from her just doesn’t match what I remember it looking like. Either way, I’ve decided to make up my own pattern using a moss stitch border and a basket weave interior. I love the look of more lacy baby blankets but am afraid that I’ll get our baby’s wee fingers tangled up badly/hurt in those holes so I’m going for a more ‘solid’ option. I will also post a photo of the Patons Astra yarn I’m using for this blanket. I just love the colours and am hoping Astra is good for washing due to ‘spit ups’. Wow, the things I now have to start thinking about when I plan a knitting project…

I’m still having some problems with the new blogger. For example, it ‘forgot’ my profile picture in the transition and I only just got that back yesterday. You may also notice that the link under ‘blogs I read’ (which is FAR from complete) doesn’t work yet. Any hints in that area would be appreciated. However, I LOVE how you can download more than one picture at a time AND more than four pictures on a post so there is some silver in the cloud!

Now that I've realised that I can post more than four pictures at a time, I may have gone a bit overboard in this post. My apologies but I was having fun playing! Off to walk the border collie and knit a hat!


Renee said...

Well, well, well, aren't you just about the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen (and I thought I was cute pregnant).

Yes, you can say arse on a blog. You can say whatever you want.

That pattern is super cute. I can't wait to see the finished product (baby and knitting).

Hey, can I get your snail mail addy? I've got a hankerin' to send you something.

JustApril said...

Good gracious ME, how cute are yew? (I'm not THAT Texan, but I can lay it on when I wanna) SO cute! hehehehe
thanks for the bump pic, it's so sweet!

Very nice pattern choices, too. I'm secretly glad I didn't learn to knit until AFTER my last pregnancy. I dislike having time constraints. =)*)

Elizabeth said...

Your beautiful! The bump and the boobs look fabulous and don't worry about the arse it goes away once you start chasing your toddler (oh, I have a toddler and an arse you say? SHHHH, don't tell Patty)