Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Not being a computer genius, I managed to fool things up badly enough on my computer on Monday to create a problem that resulted in me not being able to access either my email or blog yesterday. What a tragedy! It’s a good thing I married a Computer Engineer who was able to fix things up all nice last night for me.

I was pleased to to get the following fixed on my blog over the weekend. I (finally!) have a list of the blogs that I read most regularly – yeah me! And, the links work this time! Yeah me again! As I also gain a great deal of inspiration from other Bloggers blogs, Samantha inspired me to add a little baby growth chart to my blog. It’s a little small because of the size restriction of the side bar on my Blogger template but, if you click on it, it is readable and, I think, too cute for words. Thanks, Samantha!

Here are pictures of the two pattern purchases I promised from my shopping trip last week. Not surprisingly, both contain patterns for wee ones! The first is a cute little pumpkin hat from Fiber Trends. I’d always imagined that my little baby would have a variety of cute hats like this – pumpkins, lady bugs, etc . After all, you want high 'cute factor' when you're out and about with a little one (it might help increase global sympathy when s/he is screaming her/his head off in a store somewhere...).

The second item is Mission Falls’ Wee Knits 3. I have the first two Wee Knits books and really like them. This particular Wee Knits has a gorgeous baby blanket made out of cotton that I couldn’t resist. In fact, this whole book is dedicated to cotton. I will show you the pattern and yarn when that project gets started. My only comment is that, after working with cotton this weekend, knitting with cotton reminds me of…um…knitting dishcloths. I know, Mission Falls would probably shoot me if they found out. However, I really love the colours and the look of the finished knitted projects in cotton, as well as the fact that the fibres are natural. Still, that dishcloth feeling lingers…

At risk of embarrassing myself for my small knitting output in the run of a year (as compared to prolific people like Samantha, Renee and Yarn Harlot), here’s my first attempt at my little baby hat. Cute, no? Well, there’s a small problem with it. This little hat is not knit in the round and, as I’m using cotton, the bloody great seam that’s in the back is a bit too hard for me to be content about using it on a baby’s head. So, this is actually a picture of a baby hat: Part 1. After I get the sweater finished (it’s already cast on and a few inches knit up. Again, I’m not happy with how my increased stitches look so I’m going up to my LYS for some advice before posting a picture), I’m going to take out the hat and knit it in the round to avoid the seam. The jury is still out on what I think about Debblie Bliss patterns as this project is a first for me. After all, Debbie Bliss had planned that I knit this hat and sweater out of cashmerino which, I daresay, would have provided me with a lovely soft 'back of the hat' seam.

Yesterday, my friend H and I had a wonderful sewing day here at my place. We try and get together once a month to sew and chat. I’m working on sewing up wee little pressies for Mother’s Day and a couple of other events coming up shortly. In the near future, if I’m nice, I’ll post creative pictures that won’t give away any secrets to the recipients but still provide interesting blog content.

However, I did manage to get this project finished (the backing and tassel needed to be sewn on) and I'm very pleased with the end result. It's been a WIP for over 6 years and I'm so happy to have it finished that I hope the recipient won't mind that she may have gotten to see it online before receiving it as a gift!


Renee said...

The two Mission Falls yarns are completely interchangable so you could use 1824 Wool for the patterns just as easily if the urge strikes ya. Sorry - I love their wool and have the urge to plug it whenever I can.

Samantha said...

I'm glad I could be of inspiration to you. :) I love the baby hat. :)