Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Yes, I know, I’m a bad blogger. So negligent in fact, that Renee had to send me a comment to check and see if I was okay. What a sweetie! You gotta love this knitterly blogging community when a fellow blogger blogs to check up on you!

Just three days from the end of my wonderful Newfoundland trip, I ended up in bed with a very bad cold – cough, fever (only to 100.4 F so not too serious – just serious enough to make me miserable), aches and pains. I even tried to change my flights from departing on a Wednesday (Feb 7th) to the Saturday but was not able to do so. As much as I was enjoying having my mother take care of me while I was sick, I had a doctor’s appointment and an ultrasound on Monday the 12th and didn’t want to miss/reschedule those. I managed to make it back to Montreal from St. John’s without my ear drums hurting too badly on the 7th as planned and DH was at the train station in Ottawa to pick me up after my very early flight. He brought me home and put me to bed for the weekend.

During my doctor’s appointment on the 12th, I learned that if you’re sick enough, you can be given antibiotics when you’re pregnant. It turns out I had bronchitis! And, it’s amazing how much better I felt after even one day of taking antibiotics. I’m only just starting to get my groove back now after my week of medication but my energy levels are steadily going up, although I still sound like a seal when I cough,. Hurrah! I think I’m back.

Before I left to go home (to a Newfoundlander, ‘home’ is always Newfoundland and Labrador. Where I live now is ‘where I live now’), I made a goal of finishing sewing up my sweater so that I’d get at least a couple of weeks wear out of it before my bump got too big (not to mention the opportunity to show it off to friends and family). It’s official: my bump is now too big. Here is my dress form (was I ever that small?) modelling the completed product. I started this sweater in May of 2005 so it is embarrassing that it took this long to complete. However, it is complete, perfectly wearable, and I love it! I also learned from A to Z about knitting from this project so now feel confident to go ahead and start many other ones without ‘sweater fear’! I am very proud.

And here is a little glimpse of the bouncing child incubating inside me. No guesses on the gender, please! We don’t want to know until the big day so all bets are not to be forwarded this way. Feel free to keep your own tally and let me know how you did afterwards!

Thanks for caring, Renee!


Renee said...

Of course I care! I'm a fellow Newfoundlander, blogger, knitter and mother! If we can't watch out for one another, who's gonna?

The sweater looks amazing and the baby looks like a healthy little critter.

C'mon, show us the bump. You know you wanna.

P.S. I'm still jealous that you went back home (yup, always gonna be home).

JustApril said...

ok - I take a leave of absence and everyone gets pregnant! lol - congrats, have I really been gone THAT long? ack - gonna go catch up on this stuff

beauuuuutiful sono pick =)*)

Elizabeth said...

I'm with Renee.. I want to see the bump! And the babe is beautiful. I applaud your not wanting to know! I didn't know with either of mine and loved not know (mostly because it tormented my mother but that's a whole nother story!)

Glad you are doing well! and post the bump!

Samantha said...

That's funny! I was *just* coming on here to see if you had an email address posted to check up on you. We pregnant knitters have to stick together. :) I won't tell you my guess, but I have one ... I will tell you this though, that baby of yours is going to be ADORABLE. Just look at that profile. :) Too cute! We go for our ultrasound March 26th (more details on my blog).

Your sweater is gorgeous! :)

I'm glad you're feeling better now ... being sick sucks. Being sick while you're pregnant sucks more.

Happy Knitting!