Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kitty Pi Introduction

Ungrateful, ingrate that she is, here is where I found Checkers after putting a new Kitty Pi bed on the carpet for her (she's lying on my labour suitcase in our bedroom):

And, where was the interest I’d anticipated from our other cat, Tobi? Here, on the guest room bed (I actually have really nice bed covers on all of our beds - covered with old sheets and bed spreads to catch cat hairs. They come off before company visits - I swear!):

I met with more success when I actually put Checkers in her new bed (she's looking a little intense because she's considering pouncing on Tobi who had come out to check out what we were doing during the photo op):

All of our pets love to lie on wool (e.g. on sweaters, on our wool area rug, on woven table runners where they shouldn’t be…the pets shouldn’t be, not the runners). Therefore, I have some hope that either Checkers or Tobi will adopt this cat bed as their own. I am quite pleased with it myself. It’s too bad it’s not big enough for the Border Collie!

What’s next you ask? Well, I’ve cast on another Bunny Tail hat.

Not much progress so far but, it was a really bad hockey game (I don’t like hockey but enjoy watching DH get frustrated and also enjoy keeping him company while I get some quality knitting time in).

Additionally, here is the leftover yarn from the Kitty Pi. I am thinking of making a small, fulled bowl out of it. Does anyone have any fulled/felted bowl pattern suggestions for me?


Elizabeth said...

Busy! Busy! Busy! The bed looks great! have fun with the hat :)

Renee said...

Cute bed! My cats a) love to sleep on suitcases and b) refuse to sleep in the things I make for them (there have been a few...I should post pics sometime). Perhaps they are related. I don't have a pattern for a bowl but I'll keep my eyes open for one.