Friday, June 01, 2007

DPN Crazy!

Thanks for all the nice baby hat compliments! I love it and so does DH. I got a high cuteness factor from DH yesterday – he almost got all weepy (and I am SO going to be in trouble for telling you that if he ever catches up on his blog reading!). Thanks also for the hints on DPNs. I did run up to my LYS for bamboo DPNs this morning but they were all out of the size I needed. I was too impatient to wait for the size that I need to come in so I’m swatching using the regular ol’ metal ones at the moment.

I’m on a bit of a DPN roll. Remember this? It's from August 2006 in case you don't remember (I forgive you). Yes, it's been awhile.

How about this?

I never got around to using the Big Noro Kureyon that I purchased on eBay because I couldn’t figure out how to start the darn thing on DPNs again! This was last fall sometime and I was very frustrated with myself so refused to go back up to my LYS again and get help starting a circle.

Guess what I did last night?

Yep, rectified that little problem.

Then, I thought, what the heck? I may as well get ready for a pair of socks. Enough procrastination! I was visiting Jessica over at Dizzy Dragonfly and noted that she had knit her first pair of socks. I really liked the socks and the pattern she used from Spun looked to be my speed so I’m off making more swatches (thus the requirement for the bamboo DPNs that didn’t work out). I’m on my third swatch and third set of DPNs to try and get my gauge to work. The way it’s going, the size I need might be available (I doubt it's as popular as 2.5 mm's) so I may end up having a bamboo set of DPNs by the end of the day after all.

Through Jessica, I found another Jessica at Yarnmonster. Check out her lovely tutorial for the cutest drawstring knitting bag! It’s reversable too! The post I'm referring to is from January 14, 2007.

And, yes, I also cast on another wee Bunny Tail hat. Hmm. Maybe I’m knitting nesting (DH is definitely nesting – the other night he made 8 bottles of home-made tomato sauce (from our garden tomatoes that we froze whole last summer because he didn’t have enough time to make sauce) and a squash loaf – very nummy!). I seem to suddenly feel the need to have multiple knitting projects on the go. I can’t nest in the traditional sense with making a nursery pretty or filling the freezer with goodies, considering we’re moving less than a month after the baby is born (IF the baby comes on his/her due date). Maybe I’m creating a new nesting option by overcompensating on wooly projects! I have a feeling this problem may not be limited to pregnant ladies alone…be afraid. Be vewy, vewy afraid!

And this is just a quick shot to give you an idea of the challenges I face each time I try to blog...


Kristin said...

i really hope for you that the baby comes close to it's due date!!
good work conquering the dpn's.
knit on!!

JustApril said...

I can't wait to see you start your first socks! =)) Your post had me smiling so big thinking about nesting and knitting etc... thanks.

Samantha said...

Congratulations on getting those dpns to cooperate! The bunny hat looks adorable. :) I've been nesting and knitting pretty much since I found out I was knocked up. Knitting for babies is so fun, but knitting for my own baby is 100x the fun of knitting for other people's babies. :)

Renee said...

Ahhhhh, nesting. I remember it well. When I had Claire it hit me HARD the day before I went into labour. At 10PM I declared that the entire house needed to be thoroughly vacuumed. I went over every square inch of carpet in this house about fifty times.

I wish I had known about that bag tutorial before. I made up my own pattern a while back (pieces cut out waiting to be sewn) and it would have been easier to follow someone else's instructions (and make it reversible).

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