Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ta Da!

It’s unusual for me to have knitting content to post so soon after just starting a project. However, after much swearing (Lard Thunderin’ was only the start…) and sweating (not assisted by pregnancy ‘hot flashes’and the first day of humidity here in Ottawa), I managed to get to this point yesterday.

So happy was I that I was motivated enough to try and almost finish the second ear before exhaustion took over.

This morning, I got this far. Isn’t it cute? And, finished!

I have a bit of a ‘laddering’ effect in the ears from my experiments with DPNs, which I really need to work on avoiding in future projects. I’m thinking this problem goes away with practice and it’s really not that noticeable once the ears are stitched together at the base and the ribbon is tied on.

Thanks again to Samantha for the book suggestion – it is a lovely book and the little hat patterns will also make great – and fairly fast – pressies too! I’m casting on another Bunny Tail hat practically as I type.

Here is the little kitty cat I disturbed to write this post:

Silly Checkers! We’re both enjoying the cool and relative non-humid conditions of our basement in an 84% plus humidity day.


Elizabeth said...

Love it! The hat is adorable and yes the ladders get better, I still have issues but not as severe as when I first started with dpns. I'll take some of your humidity... we are in a rainy streak. The weather man is threatening about 5 days of this stuff. YUCK!!

Kristin said...

It is lovely!! Good work
We are camped out in the basement too.

JustApril said...

Poor us we don't have basements =(( whyaaaaahhhh. dumb ol Texas

The hat is SO cute, I can't wait to see baby bun with it on his/her head. aaaawwwwww I'll probably be crying over the cuteness by then.

Renee said...

Good job, Luke.

Yes, the laddering will get better with practice. It also sometimes works itself out with washing and wearing too.

See, if you knew if that was a girl or a boy, I might have to send a ball of pink or blue up there. Then together with the leftover white, you could make a wee cardigan or something. I guess I'll just have to wait four weeks or so.