Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Size Of Things To Come

Hmm, I seem to be averaging one post a week. Not good. DH, Para and I are headed off today for a brief camping trip (one night) in our VW van. We wanted at least one more camping trip with me pregnant, as opposed to breast feeding, and tonight is the night. With any luck, we will get in another trip before A) it gets too hot and B) Baby is born.

Speaking of Baby, we had an ultrasound on Tuesday morning. The good news is that Baby seems to be healthy and happy. The ‘bad’ news is that Baby is heavy! S/he weighed in at 5 lbs on Tuesday – the ultrasound technician said that that is 2 weeks ahead on the growth chart. If this keeps up, Baby will be over 9 lbs at 40 weeks! I am vewy, vewy scared…

The other really neat news about the ultrasound was that we were able to see Baby’s face. Isn’t s/he cute? No bump picture this week – I thought this shot was far cuter!

While we watched, Baby opened her/his eyes and mouth and even stuck her/his tongue out at us! It was amazing! The dark colour around Baby’s head is amniotic fluid and you can just see some hair at the top of her/his head, as well as a little hand. Baby was moving around a lot during the ultrasound and even kicked the technician. I just love those chubby cheeks (I may not appreciate them as much when s/he is on the way ‘out’ but, I love them now!).

My apologies for no news on the knitting front. We have been slowly collecting things for the baby (e.g. ordering a BOB Revolution Stroller , from MEC, and a Pogy travel crib – we will buy a regular crib in NS). Between shopping for Baby and driving down to Kingston (where I stayed for a couple of nights) to pick up Para, I have not had much time for other fun things, such as knitting, this week. However, I’m hoping to tackle some OXO cables on our little camping trip… news on that to follow.


Mrs. H said...

Aaaawwwww! S/he is adorable! Gosh I miss all of this. :)

Samantha said...

Very very cute! :) Don't worry about baby's size. S/he could have just had a growth spurt ahead of time and things will even out. My cousin was told multiple times that her baby was going to be "a big one" judging by ultrasounds and whatnot, but when the baby was born she was only 6lbs8oz ... so it all just depends on the baby's growth up to that point. Babies, in utero, grow at different rates just like babies in the outside world do to. Don't be scared. Plus, if you have a 9lbs baby who is really long and skinny it doesn't matter. It's the short, fat ones that hurt the most. *wink*

Alisha said...

Love the ultra sound photo!!

JustApril said...

SO SO SOOOOO cute! All babies hurt, but everyone on the planet mostly came out the same way, so.... we're tough enough to do it. =)

said the girl who had 3 epidurals