Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Shopping We Will Go

There is nothing like Sunday morning shopping, if you are able to look at shopping as a relaxing and enjoyable outing. I realise not everyone – such as my Mudder – is of the same ilk when it comes to shopping but even she might be convinced to go when I’m talking about book shopping. My friend ML and I went to Chapters this morning to take advantage of my 20% off anything (in a book format) special for Chapters members that was on today. Wahoo! Apart from purchasing two baby development related books, these two knitting books also made their way into my bag:

Itty-bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson (this purchase is totally Samantha’s fault. I have to admit to having looked at this book before, as per Samantha’s suggestions and gorgeous knitting results, but ended up putting it back on the shelf. I managed to hold off buying it until Samantha knit this "Candy Cane" hat (see her May 14, 2007 post) and posted it on her blog this past week. I almost died from the sheer cuteness and immediately added this book to my shopping list).

I also found:

Natural Knits for Babies and Moms by Louisa Harding.

I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the cute baby patterns (sweaters, hats and booties to name a few) in this book or the fact that there are two nursing sweaters and a nursing shawl in it for mommies!

Now I have to decide between knitting this "Bunny Tail" hat (I figure I can use pink or blue ribbons around the wee hat ears after Baby is born)

or this Candy Cane hat, both from the Itty-bitty book.

I think either would be adorable on a newborn returning home from the hospital. I’m considering using the lovely Wool Gatto that RenĂ©e gave me and I think "Bunny Tail" would knit up nice and soft in that yarn.

I am still working on my wee blankie for Baby. So as not to bore you (I have to admit to having accomplished more in the way of frogging over the past couple of days than progressive knitting), I would like to show you one of the gorgeous gifts we have been receiving for the wee one.

This is called a Blueberry Hat and was knit by a lady who went to nursing school with DH’s mother and is now, as these things go, one of our friend’s.

Get this: it is hand-SPUN, hand-DYED, and (naturally) hand knit in 100% wool. It is lovely and soft and I cannot wait until our little blueberry is big enough to wear it! Thanks so much, D and J!


JustApril said...

Good choices of books, those hats are entirely too cute. The blueberry hat is such a thoughtful gift. Hand spun, dyed and knit, very handy =).

Oh, thanks for the comment, I would have emailed like usual, but it no longer works, sorry.

Elizabeth said...

No need to decide which hat to knit. Baby will *need* both. After all baby must be kept comfy and all babies must wear hats for warmth and or sun protection! Knit on!!! So sad/glad to hear of frogging on your end as well... UGH!

Kristin said...

I am very tempted by the itty bitty hat book also, I think I will follow your lead and blame Samantha too! My vote is for the bunny tail hat.
I am very intriqued by a nursing sweater, it is incredibly bulky to lift up a sweater to nurse a baby.

Mrs. H said...

When in doubt, knit both. They're so cute! :)

Renee said...

I'm sure you'll have more than enough yarn for both...

The Blueberry Hat is lovely!

bevq said...

I agree-- make them both! Those do look like wonderful books.


Samantha said...

I'll take the blame! Yup! You are going to love that book, and the patterns in it even more once your little gal/guy is born and you'll be able to knit the gender specific hats. :)