Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not My Happy Place

Thanks for your votes! The Bunny Hat won and it is knitting up SO nicely in the Wool Gatto. I am quite in love with this yarn and thank you, thank you to Renée for introducing me to it. It is really, really nice and really, really soft. Did I mention that it’s also a super-wash? There is really no downside to this yarn. The pattern calls for a wee pom pom on the back – thus the reason for the name in combination with the cute ears – however, I don’t think I’ll add that feature on this particular hat. I want it to be a newborn hat and I’m concerned about the wee tail being a bit uncomfortable for a baby that lies flat on his/her back for the first little while.

Here is a picture of the Bunny Hat WIP (I’m hoping that blog guilt will encourage me to continue knitting on the DPNs the pattern now calls for). Note the cute 'rubber duckie' stitch marker that Renée made for me - isn't it darling?:

Warning: Knitting whining to follow. This is a picture of ‘not my happy place':

DPNs. I won’t tell you my version of that acronym (it's rude) but DPN stands for Double Pointed Needles for those of you non-knitters who occasionally peruse my blog. My comfort level is very low with DPNs. This would be one of the reasons why, despite my 2007 New Year’s resolution, I still haven’t knit a pair of socks (but I do have some lovely sock yarn to encourage me – thanks, Mudder and April!). Anyway, so uncomfortable am I that I’ve only knit 2" of 3" on the first of the two ears on my DPNs and this feat was only accomplished on my second try (I’m only knitting 20 stitches, just so you have an idea of how bad I am at this). I have to sit at my dining room table and look ‘down’ on my knitting to use those needles. It’s a bit of slow going.

My silver lining in this cloud is that, the more of these hats that I knit, the easier I will find DPNs to work with meaning the closer I am to learning how to knit socks. There’s nothing bad about that!

On another note, I start week 37 of my pregnancy today. Here’s a bump picture for you bump fans from the end of Week 36 (last night).

People keep telling me that I’m not very big for having only a month left in my pregnancy (bless them!) but this is still one big baby despite my size (I feel very big to me!). Luckily, s/he is already in a great birthing position with her/his head down and bottom to one side of my belly button. I’m also still feeling lots of movement. The doctor says I have a lovely pelvis and I’m trying to take that as a compliment insofar as those bones will be involved in the end process. Now we get to visit the doctor each week – a new chapter in my pregnancy story.

Off to wrestle some DPNs. May the most stubborn win…


Renee said...

You'll win the battle with the DPNs. Working with only 20 sts is going to be harder than working on 60ish for a sock so you'll have no trouble.

LOVE the bump picture. It's a thing of beauty. You look great.

Let me know how that stich marker tolerates normal use. Can you believe that I make them but never actually USE them?

Kristin said...

People said that to me too, that I wasn't that big. My answer was always "Perhaps then you could come over and put my socks on."
Good call on cancelling the pompom on the hat, it would be bulky in the car seat.
Knit on!!!

HDW said...

ahh to be in your shoes again! I love being pregnant. I have 3 myslf!
On the DPN front DON't I repeat DON'T USE THEM!!!!! I use 2 sets of circs for everything!!! Socks, bunny ears, sleeves, you name it you can avoid DPN's for everything!!! I have a wonderful pattern for 2 at a time two up socks if you are interested just ask!!!! They look quite crude in the beginning stages but you avoid second sock syndrom!

Samantha said...

WOOHOO! You are officially full term! That is AWESOME! I've got another 9 weeks to go until I'm 37 weeks. It doesn't seem far, but holy cow, it feels like its miles away. LOL

Good luck with the DPNs. I find using bamboo DPNs help a lot because the yarn sort of sticks to them. Maybe pick up a set or two of those somewhere. :)

JustApril said...

Yeah, I concur with Samantha, bamboo dpns or any type of wooden dpns are much easier to work with than the metal ones.

That being said, I don't use them much, I use circs for socks and I love it because there is NO LADDERING and the circs are much more baby friendly than those pointy awkward sticks =)

Beautiful baby bump btw - so cute