Monday, May 07, 2007

We Went, We Bought And Sold, And...We're Back!

The past couple of weeks have been hard on a pregnant body. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and plan on taking it easy between now and then in an effort to get little round me feeling a little more me and little less like an ultra marathon runner on day three of a 1000 KM multi-day race!

Our trip to NS was very successful. We had confirmation of the sale of our house in Kanata (and a nice ‘SOLD’ sticker on the sign when we returned home!) and bought an even lovelier home in a town called Middleton, Nova Scotia. It is about a 12 minute drive from the CF base in Greenwood to our new home. As this is still a private home, I cannot post interior pictures (and I have lots!) however, here is are a couple of exterior front photos to whet your whistle.

The home is 54 years old and has been lovingly maintained. We are only owner three! The house has all of its original hardwood floors on the main and upper stories; has a secret room (!) off the bedroom that will become the nursery (how cool is that?); and has had many recent upgrades including all new windows, a main bathroom renovation and a new propane fireplace in the living room. I could go on and on. I am absolutely smitten and it may be hard for the CF to get us out of there in three years (the length of DH’s current posting there although, we’re hoping for longer).

We managed to look at 21 homes in the first three days of our house hunting trip. We were lucky in that the area is considered to be a ‘buyers’ market this year. We also managed a nap and good eating every day. However, the stress of selling and buying homes is hard on me so I sit here with a queasy stomach and swollen ankles – both of which will pass after a couple of days I’m sure.

We have also returned with a new mission. Operation Sell/Buy Home is now over. Operation Baby can now resurface! I am a little concerned about the lack of preparation for this baby but am confident we can rectify the problem within the next couple of weeks. We attended pre-natal classes on April 21 and 28th and both were very informative. Now, we need to start gathering supplies. Research on infant car seats and the myriad of other ‘requirements’ that you need for a wee one will now commence. I am very excited! Not that I wasn’t before, of course, but our successes over the past couple of weeks means that I can now hunker down and concentrate on our Baby instead of a hundred other things.

On our way back to Halifax on Friday evening, we went for a little drive near Lunenburg to a town called Blue Rocks, at the mouth of Lunenburg Bay. At risk of having Renée following us to Nova Scotia (I’m still half expecting a stow away to show up at the door near the end of July when we move), I'm posting a couple of pictures of Blue Rocks (including the first picture in this post) to show you some of the scenery we will be enjoying, come August:

And, here are me and the bump in Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia in week 33!


Elizabeth said...

Fab House!!! WOW! you guys are good! The bump looks great for being 33 weeks old and the scenery surrounding him/her is beautiful! Congrats on a sale and buy and in such a beautiful area!

Kristin said...

Your new house is GORGEOUS!!! Glad you found it.
Rest up and I really hope your feet don't stay swollen.

JustApril said...

AWESOME, what a nice house! It looks and sounds wonderful, and Nova Scotia - sigh - You and your bump look so peaceful and happy! I'm happy for you and yours =) yaaaaay you!

bevq said...

Novia Scotia looks so gorgeous! When I was a child we had a cottage on Georgian Bay near Snug Harbor, and the area looked so much like that! Makes me want to be a kid again.

We live out in the Mojave desert now. =) Pretty here too though but I miss the water.

HUGS to new baby to be!