Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knitting Slow Down

Today has been a day of worries. The doctor told me yesterday that the little one is now ‘sunny side up’ – face up instead of nicely positioned the way s/he was last week. Now, I’m terrified of back labour. Today I had, likely, my last therapeutic massage session before the baby is born. Hopefully that will help the whole labour process a bit. My doctor referred me for therapeutic massage sessions a number of months ago (thank goodness for insurance coverage). Overall, I like the long term effects but, wow, am I ever sore and tender for a few days after a session. Today was the worst yet. The therapist said I’m more sensitive because the baby is coming soon. She was also isolating a lot of acupressure points to assist me in labour and I was a real wimp. I hope I have some kind of adrenaline rush during labour or I’m going to be the biggest mommy wimp the hospital has ever seen!

Some of my worries involve WIPs. For some reason, I have the feeling that I will not knit or sew or paint or write, etc, until this baby leaves home as an adult. While I realise that this is a ridiculous fear (after all, look at how productive so many of my blogging friends who have small children are!), it is still a worry to add to my ever increasing list.

Some of my girlfriends and I went out for a lovely supper last night and then came back to our place for dessert. DH and I only managed to provide three different types of dessert! It was a lovely evening but I’m feeling rather tired as a result today. Naturally, having company over meant that I spent a lot of the weekend in purgatory – that’s another word for doing housework. However, the house is now all clean and sparkly. It will only need a few tweaks before MIL arrives on Saturday and my parents arrive on Sunday/Monday.

I am trying to get some baby WIPs completed. Here is some progress on the change pads (I’m just pinning on the binding to machine sew one side in preparation for hand sewing the other side of the binding to the back).

As you can tell, my efforts are regularly thwarted by a black and white feline who is – almost – too cute to get mad at (she’s just been relegated to the main floor as her typing assistance resulted in the deletion of all of the text I’d just typed – argh!).

Here is my second sock progress.

Yes, I know, it’s not much. Barely enough to cover Renée’s suggestion of having knit at least 3" into the sock cuff to ensure I’m committed to the project. As I mentioned, purgatory meant not much knitting over the weekend. That being said, I knit about 2" while waiting to get into seeing my doctor yesterday so that was some productivity there. I think my energy is slowing down in preparation for the big push whenever Baby decides s/he is coming.


Renee said...

Don't panic about labour, back or otherwise. Seriously. You'll be fine. I've been through it twice and I'm amazed at a) how little of the pain I remember and b) how much better it was than they make it look on the tv (and I'm a total wimp).

You will still have time to knit. Some other stuff is tough (sewing is one) but knitting is completely doable.

Deeeeep cleansing breaths...in...out...in...out...

Better yet?

Kristin said...

I've been in labour twice, once back labour and once not. I'd say it is about even, though I also had 2 c-sections so what do I know! Hot water bottles and the tub were required both times.

Elizabeth said...

I'll pray that babe returns to proper positioning! Hannah was breech until about 2 days before my water broke and I was VERY paranoid but she did a wicked sumersault right before my water broke and got herself into the right space. I'm sure the same will happen for you :) Good luck getting all your stuff done and have fun with all your visitors!

Yarnhog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Try not to worry too much about labor. (There's not much point, really, since the only way through it is full steam ahead.) It's more intense than painful, and it's really exciting. However it goes down, you'll end up with a beautiful, perfect little baby, and that's really the goal, after all.

JustApril said...

As a three time labour veteran, it's definitely less to worry about than you think. Either you can take it or you can't and then you get an epidural or not. My labours lasted way too long to stick with my plan of doing it the natural way, b/c I was getting worn out, so an epidural it was, and I was much better off afterwards. But if the labour is quick enough, usually the natural way works just fine.

As for knitting after the birth, I found that hours of breastfeeding were a perfect time to knit, I got lots done in those days, but it's also the reason I retired my dpns for the magic loop method and circs. Either way, it's a great time to knit.

Alisha said...

You do fine having the baby. There is no such thing as a woman who is giving birth being a wimp. Try to not worry!!

You'll continue to craft after the baby...no worries!!!