Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eleven Years Ago Today...

…My father, then the rector of St. Peter’s Parish in Upper Gullies, Newfoundland, married DH and me. It’s been a wonderful eleven years. We were married on another beautiful July day, much like the temperature today in Ottawa (the thunder storm yesterday broke the humidity – hallelujah!). We celebrated our wedding in my father’s church and our reception was held in The Bungalow, Bowring Park, St. John’s – a place I remember fondly as my friend and I would go swimming at the pools there together when I visited her and her family in St. John’s. In those days, L and I used to buy ice cream from the concession at The Bungalow.

I’d get married to DH again in a heartbeat. Happy 11th Anniversary, DH!

I had hoped to post to my blog at least once a week after our baby was born. Here is post number one, post-natal. I’m going to apologise in advance for all of the news I’m missing from my other blogging friends. I think Iain has some type of device put on this computer as, if I go anywhere near it, he gets upset. To be fair to Iain, he is having one fussy period a day for about 4 – 5 hours. Other than that, his nights have been pretty good with three to four hours solid sleep in between feedings. I can deal with that! However, for the moment, it does mean I may be a bit out of the blogging loop. I miss you all dearly and will read up again each chance I get.

Iain Daniel turned one week old yesterday and, I can tell you, that the week has been filled. And not just the week, most of the 24 hours of each day! Here we are enjoying a 4:00 AM feeding.

I mentioned that my parents and my in-laws were visiting. They have been fantastic with helping out in every area around the house, allowing DH and I to concentrate on our new baby. MIL turned into the grand conductor and, together with assistance from FIL and my parents, hosted a baby shower for me two nights ago. As well as a celebration of Iain's birth, the event provided the opportunity to see some friends that we won’t likely see again before we move to Nova Scotia at the end of the month and all Iain and I had to do was show up. Iain did very well and was only a bit fussy. It was incredibly hot and humid with over 30 people in our little house. I thought everyone did very well not melting into helpless pools on the floor. And the air conditioner was on bust! We were overwhelmed with our family and friend’s generosity and it was a lovely evening.

As you ‘new first baby’ veterans can probably guess, stringing two words together right now is a challenge, let alone two pointy sticks. However, if Iain continues to snooze on DH’s arm as he is doing right now,

I might get a couple of more rows of my sock knit. That’s about as much as my addled brain can handle at the moment!

Thanks to all of you folks, as well, who offered warm wishes and welcome to our little boy. We are quite smitten with him. I just know he’s a little knitter in training!


JustApril said...

Happy Anniversary! It's so cool that Iain was born so close to your Anniversary =) You guys are such a lovely little family! You look very chipper for someone who's up at 4AM! lol the baby/parent pics are adorable.

Kristin said...

Great to hear your news! You are looking pretty chipper for 4am. Nothing better than a baby in a food coma.
I'm in month 3 past-natal and I'm still having trouble stringing words together.
Happy anniversary too!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary and Welcome to Iain. You look great, Iain looks beautiful and DH looks very content with babe in his arms :)

A very very happy family :)

Yarnhog said...

Happy Anniversary! That picture of your husband cracks me up. I have a nearly identical picture of my husband with our first at that age, law school books in front of him, baby draped over his arm, looking totally exhausted. As I'm sure you know, it gets easier! The first month is the hardest; after the first three, it starts to get fun.

By the way, my 11th wedding anniversary is next month, but our first was born ten months after the wedding!

Renee said...

I'm so glad you guys are looking happy and healthy and sane. Many more congratulations!

Happy Anniversary too!

Mrs. H said...

Happy anniversary! Love the wedding pic. :)

As for the blog world... it'll be here when you have time. Enjoy getting to know your son. This time in his life is so precious. :)

Sarah said...

I know it sounds a little weird to say it but on some level I miss those kind of 4 am nursings. They are like the getting-to-know-each-other-better times. Congratulations on the baby and the anniversary. What a beautiful photo.

Kelly said...

I just stumbled on your blog while googling Newfoundland knitting sites. I had to say hello - I'm from Foxtrap, currently living in Ottawa, but moving back in a couple of weeks.

Congratulations on your anniversary and your new arrival. He is just gorgeous!