Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Magic Of A Heel

It’s amazing how small things can give you a sense of accomplishment when you have a newborn. Let’s face it, I’m not getting a lot of knitting done. This is the result of a commitment to cloth diapers (= lots of laundry and clothes line time) and being up almost every hour for two hours at a time due to a commitment to breast feeding. My sense of accomplishment with respect to knitting this week is because I turned a heel on my second-ever-knitted-in-my-lifetime sock.

Jeez, the colours are terribly displayed in these photographs.

My parents managed to hold off on the home bug until Thursday when, much to our dismay, they decided it was time to head back East. We are greedy and are hoping to see them again at the end of the month in our new home in Nova Scotia. Over the weekend, we hosted our good friends M & S and also managed to have C over as well on Saturday night. We were ‘bad’ parents and stayed up really late chatting. Bad for us as Iain had a great sleep while we chatted and laughed and he decided it was time to eat when we were getting ready for bed at 1:15 AM. It will take us several days to recover from that! We also managed to spend this afternoon with other good friends, J & M. It's been hard saying 'adieu' to so many close and wonderful friends.

The time is quickly passing. We leave Kanata/Ottawa this week – the movers come on Tuesday to start packing and should be finished by Wednesday. After house cleaning and meeting with the lawyer on Thursday, we leave on Friday morning in our 1988 VW camper van with two adults, one infant, one Border Collie and two cats for locations East. Therefore, you will notice a gap in my blogging over the next couple of weeks as we are moving to another province and I will not have computer access for a little while. However, have no fear! Once we are connected to a computer again, I'll be back!

Happy knitting and blogging! I can’t wait to catch up with you all again soon!

PS My blogaversary is coming up in August. Guess who is moving to the land of the Fleece Artist?!?

PPS Now I’m busy trying to decide how many knitting projects one girl needs for a 2.5 day road trip…with a newborn...who is breast feeding. Perhaps I'm a little naive about the amount of knitting time I may have...Hey, a girl's gotta have dreams!


Mrs. H said...

Good luck with the move. So far as knitting projects for the trip... socks are an excellent travel project. :)

JustApril said...

In my experience, newborns do surprisingly well on trips. Since they do lots of sleeping anyway. The breastfeeding of course means stopping every few hours, for unspecific amounts of time, but he'll probably do very well. I don't know how many hours the trip is, but I hope it goes well.

Your sock looks good!

Yarnhog said...

When I had newborns, I figured if everyone was fed and clothed, I was doing just fine. Anything else is gravy. Good luck with the move!

Samantha said...

Good luck with the move! My kids always did good on long trips when they were newborns. Are you planning to use cloth diapers for the trip?

Yarnhog said...

By the way, my commitment to cloth diapers lasted one full week. It ended after a week of raging diaper rash, and my husband's ill-fated attempt to do a load of baby laundry, which resulted in pulling his arm out of (the wrong) hamper with a bunch of poopy diapers stuck to it. I switched to disposables and never looked back. I applaud your commitment; it's not easy.

Alisha said...

Great job on the heel!!! Sounds like your doing great with motherhood if you can turn a heel on top of everything else!!!

Have a safe trip and move and I look forward to seeing you back here in a few weeks!!!